Vice President – Membership

Welcome to 2010

Within a week most clubs will have had their first meeting for 2010.

Hopefully everyone has returned with renewed enthusiasm, it is contagious.

Ten BPW’s have new Presidents following their AGMs late last year. Congratulations to these ladies! Stepping up to the Leadership role is a challenge and as club members please give them all your support.

The club returns show that membership is dropping throughout the country and for the future of

BPW NZ this is of concern.

So club Executives:

As you plan your clubs year please put some real thought into retaining current members:

  • Club growth comes from you current membership base.
  • Listen to your members and plan programs that are relevant and target member’s interests.
  • Include “MEMBERSHIP” on your Agenda.
  • If they are not attending regularly, check up to see if there is a reason.
  • Follow up on those who have not renewed their membership and find out if there is a reason.
  • Everyone in the club is responsible for maintaining membership.
  • Be receptive to new ideas.
  • Encourage members to be involved.
  • Mix members up at meetings to avoid cliques.
  • Make sure your club communication is good and that members are well informed of any decisions and also of any upcoming events.

Also develop a recruitment plan:

  • Make sure you welcome member’s guests.
  • Provide a quality orientation for potential new members.
  • Ensure that new members are formally introduced at a club night once membership has been confirmed.
  • Support new members, don’t take them for granted.
  • Run a competition. Put all the names of members who are responsible for introducing a new member into a draw for a free membership in the following year.
  • Make sure that you are totally prepared for meetings and run it an organized and professional manner.

Barbara Clarke

Vice President Membership

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