BPW International Newsletter May 17th 2010

BPW International

MAY 17, 2010 ISSUE 8

>From the Executive

From the President.

Good news! BPW will shortly launch the newly updated website. Based on feedback from members over the past few months the website will be colour consistent with our branding, more visual highlights of upcoming conferences and events, initiatives, news and a menu system that will provide much user friendly access to documents and resources.
The website will also give a choice of three additional languages Spanish, French and Italian. The Business page will be on the homepage in a new exciting format, along with the popular woman of the week and a great space allocation for sponsors.
Much work has already gone into this with our Public Relations director Anneli Majuri and our webmaster and I know everyone will love the ‘new look’. Feedback is most welcome, so get ready….register on the website if you have not already done so to ensure that you are informed with the bi- weekly emailed e-news.
It is also important to send any news from Federations and Clubs to Jo-An Partridge the News Co-coordinator to showcase the worldwide activities in E-news and website to make certain  BPW International becomes more visible on all levels.

Elizabeth Benham President

Exciting News!!! CoNGO Regional Committee for Africa. For over 50 years, The Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations has been actively promoting the involvement of NGOs in the working of the United Nations. BPW International is pleased to announce the establishment of a CoNGO Regional Committee for our sisters in Africa.

BPW International has three African Federations
, Nigeria, Sudan, and Egypt, eleven associated clubs and an  Individual Associate Member Tunisia in Africa.

BPW International
is a member of many CONGO Committees and works collaboratively with other NGOs on substantive issues bringing our NGO expertise into discussions of government and the UN.
(Read more)

Have your say about CSW-54
Members that attended the 54th Session of the Committee on Status of Women (CSW 54) are invited to register their experience with the NGO Committee on the Status of Women, New York (NGO CSW NY)

Freda Miriklas, 2nd. Vice President.

BPW Regional News

Côte d’Ivoire/ Ivory Coast:  New Breath for Young BPW Abidjan
Initiated in July 2009 the Young BPW network section has ten members. The members implemented a variety of activities to discuss ‘The Power of Making a Difference by Women in Leadership’ and after a dinner held on December 18 2009.  (Read more)

Fanta Diabaté,  BPW Young Abidjan RCI 2009-2011

Japan: Congratulation to Kazuyo Sejima, Japanese architect, on being awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize. (Read more)

Singapore: BPW Asia Pacific Regional Conference
to be held in Singapore October 15-18, 2010 at Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, hosted by BPW Singapore.The APRC 2010 is going to be a wonderful and valuable opportunity to meet with Women Leaders of Asian Drive in the Global Economy. (Read more)

Dr Young Hai Park,  Regional Coordinator Asia Pacific

Switzerland: Extract from the Geneva Tribune May 3 2010 by Guy Mettan
The International Federation of Business & Professional Women attended the Geneva Forum. (Read more)

Message from News Coordinator

Send all copy direct to Jo-An M. Partridge, News Coordinatorcoordinator.news@bpw-international.org

80th Anniversary Curiosities

Did you know?

Lena Madesin Phillips did not perceive a conflict between family and career, just thought it was a matter of changing priorities?

Members can subscribe for e-News on the BPW website

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