..and this from Anita, Young BPWNZ

Message from the Young BPW convenor

Every member of BPW who is 35 years of age or younger automatically belongs to young BPW; the future of the federation of Business and Professional Women. In Gisborne it was now or never for me to become the young BPW convenor, since I can only call myself “young” for another two years, which is a bit confronting to be honest.

The first thing I have undertaken is to find out who and where our young members are. I have 17 members confirmed so far, but not all clubs have responded yet, so I still have a bit of hope that there are possibly a few more of us out there. Please send me your details and if your club does not have any young members, please let me know as well (youngbpwnz@gmail.com). For those clubs that have responded already: Thank you, I will be in touch.

I’ve got a big challenge ahead of me, trying to increase membership of young BPW. This is not an easy task, since a lot of the clubs only have one or even none. As we all know; young people attract young people, so the main question is: How do we get those first few to join the club? Once you have a couple, the rest will follow.

In the next newsletter I am hoping to report on some activities that will be organised for our young members and a plan to attract more young women to BPW. If you have some good ideas, please contact me!

In the mean time, please discuss this issue within your club and come up with a plan to increase young BPW membership numbers for your club. Make sure your name is well known within your community, you are easy to find, approachable and organise interesting activities and guest speakers for young women. And please give them a warm welcome and make sure they have such a good time that they definitely will come back and bring a friend along.

Anita Scott

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