Membership Competition July Update

Celebrating the Federation of Business & Professional Women and acknowledging existing and new members.

BPW NZ has undertaken a new competition to not only acknowledge our existing members, but those who introduce new members into their club.

How are we doing this?

Each member who introduces a new member into their club will go into a National draw for a FREE registration and dinners at Conference 2011, in Christchurch.

How do you apply?

For every new member introduced by an existing club member, their name, club name, new member’s name and date of joining will be sent through to the Federation for inclusion into the draw.  A spreadsheet specific to this event will be sent out next month for every club to keep a record and your club President is to sign this and send through in January 2011.

On your membership application form will be the name of the member who has nominated the new member (or your registration book) noting who had brought this member to your club dinners.


For every member who introduces a new YoungBPW member to their club will go into the draw TWICE.  We know at Federation the importance of introducing members, but acknowledge the importance of the future growth and sustainability of any club is through having young members come on board.

The Time Period Relevant to this Competition:

This competition is backdated to 1st January 2010 to 31st December 2010.  So any new members who have joined your club this year, their ‘nominee’ will automatically go into the draw.


  • Member has introduced a new member into the club, they have become a full paid member
  • The award is for Conference 2011 only
  • This award is NON TRANSFERABLE, no other member can use this prize
  • YoungBPW members introduced, member goes into the draw TWICE
  • Period covers 1st January 2010 to 31st December 2010.

Carolyn Savage, PBPW

BPW NZ 1st Vice President

Email:, or

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