President’s July Message

Tena koutou

Its Matariki – the Maori New Year.  Time to celebrate the harvest and start with the New Year of preparing, sowing and praying for the next season’s success.

And, it’s our Candlelighting season our time of year to celebrate our sisterhood – locally, nationally and internationally.

What a lovely coincidence.

I’ve heard from a couple of you about how well your candlelighting ceremony went and how both your visitors and members liked it.  This is awesome news!

Now that winter has set in, it really is the perfect time of year to be sitting in front of the fire thanking God and the universe for the past year – for both the challenges and the successes.

Challenges build us in to stronger women, they give us the opportunity to learn from them and when we do we can share our experiences with others to empower them with our knowledge.

Successes are what inspire us – motivate us to keep up the good work and empower us to work on the behalf of others and to support and mentor each other to continue.

So at this time of celebration – Matariki and Candlelighting – I hope that you all take the time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the future.

Kia kaha tuahine


Angela McLeod

BPW NZ President

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