Rugby World Cup Hospitality


At Conference 2010 in Gisborne the NZ Federation budget for 2011 was passed that eliminated all monies going to our projects.  These are:

  • Supporting the Nepal Federation to run education schemes; teaching literacy to women living in isolation: running an early childhood centre; and teaching young women vocational skills enabling them to gain employment.
  • Supporting Project 5.0: a scheme whereby women’s organisations worldwide contributed to one project fund for large and effective developments.  We have built and fitted out a Community Nursing Training School in Las Pas, Mexico and a tertiary training institute in South America.
  • Providing funds for a NZ woman doing extra mural studies for a degree.

The following idea to raise funds for the NZ Federation’s Projects was received enthusiastically.

New Zealand BPW members open their homes for bed and breakfast to fellow BPW members traveling in New Zealand, in particular to see Rugby World Cup games in 2011.  These may be members from within New Zealand or from overseas.

BPW members will be able to use a ‘hosting home’ as their accommodation as they travel to parts of New Zealand to catch a series of games or as they visit areas to view single games.  They may even want to do some sight seeing between games.  Because the guests will be putting together their own schedules, we hope the New Zealand members will register availability of as many dates as possible.  It is the only way that this hospitality scheme will work effectively.

The cost per night for one BPW person (or a couple) to be hosted is $NZD150 ($NZ50.00 going to the host family and a donation of $NZD100 going to the New Zealand Federation of BPW once operational expenses are paid).

This offer is not open to the public or to children.  It is expected there will be one BPW person or couple staying at any one time for a minimum of two nights.  Once guests have paid for their booking, the contract is confirmed and the parties are put in touch with one another.

This event aims to:

  • Encourage international friendship and understanding
  • Reduce the cost of accommodation for travelling BPW members
  • Raise significant funds for BPW NZ’s projects
  • Increase the profile of BPW, linking it positively to the international rugby game or events we may be hosting such as the Oceania meeting.
  • Open up business opportunities with fellow BPW members

We hope you will be able to provide some hospitality to make this scheme work. The website development is on track and should be ready for you to register by mid June.  CLICK HERE to register your interest.

Colleen M Brooker

“The Home Hosting Scheme website is ready to receive your registration.”

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