BPW Hawera and the Family Challenge Day

The Challenge

In March, Pam Bassett, Marion James (Taranaki safe families collaborative) and Phil Taikato (Police, responsible for family violence incidents follow up and working closely with the collaborative) were guest speakers at our meeting. Taranaki Safe Families collaborative exists to raise awareness of family violence in Taranaki, to educate and promote initiatives that prevent family violence and to promote a co-ordinated, collaborative and strategic approach to family violence prevention and support.

They presented their plans for an upcoming event in Hawera to raise awareness for family violence and support their “are you OK” campaign. The event was going to be a Family Challenge Day and BPW Hawera committed to support them in making this day into a success. The challenge we accepted was to organise and manage an event for this day.

The event we chose to organise was the  “Family Relay Fishing Game”.

Items for the game (fishing pond, fishes, fishing rods, whiteboard, stopwatches, game rules, lollipops etc.) were organised and an attendance schedule for the day was prepared.

The event was advertised multiple times in the south Taranaki star (local newspaper) and event posters were displayed throughout south Taranaki. Involvement of BPW Hawera was mentioned in the news paper and on the posters. The event was opened by the south Taranaki Mayor and again BPW was mentioned and thanked for organising one of the events. The BPW logo was also displayed on the handouts with the rules of the game.

On the Day 

There was a very big involvement from our members. Half of our members showed up on the day to help out!

The start of the day was crazy. We had 4 families competing at the same time with 3 minutes per game. The first two hours we were continuously operating at full capacity. With 3 minutes per game, 2 minutes either side to change families and being flat out for 2 hours, this means we had about 100 families coming through. After that it slowed down a bit, but we still had at least two families going at the time till the end of the event. It was such a big hit that some families came back for seconds!

Other events organised were a police fitness course, fire brigade inflatable house, face painting, baseball game and drinking cup painting, free ice blocks and sausage sizzle.

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