Executive Board Role descriptions

BPWNZ President

The national President is the team leader and the voice of BPW NZ publicly. She is a role model and mentor for other Officers and members. She liaises with other NGOs and represents BPW NZ at their functions. She fosters the working relationship with BPW International and represents BPW NZ at Regional Meetings and the International Congress.

  • Work closely with the Executive Officers and Conveners, giving advice, monitoring their actions and leading by example.
  • Visit BPW Clubs and attend Regional Training Days to give encouragement and information, to stimulate ideas and to receive feedback from members.
  • Provide comment to the media on issues in line with BPW NZ aims and policies.
  • Represent BPW NZ in the public arena eg. Verbal submissions to Select Committees, radio interviews, NGO functions.
  • Appoint and work with the Administrative Assistant on inwards and outwards correspondence, diarising activities and checking meeting minutes.
  • Monitor the financial position of BPW NZ, ensuring that business is conducted within the parameters of the budget and that action is taken to correct any developing deficit.
  • Edit and approve the monthly Circular to ensure that it is an effective means of communication with the membership.
  • View, edit and approve all BPW NZ material produced for external use.
  • Chair Executive meetings, setting the agenda and ensuring that BPW NZ business is conducted in a professional manner and meets any required time frames.
  • Chair the national Conference, providing guidance to the Conference committee and ensuring that Executive and Club timeframes are met.

First Vice President  –  Membership

The Vice President – Membership is responsible for promoting the development of BPW NZ, increasing membership and developing new clubs. She works to add value to membership, through professional development opportunities, nominations, mentoring, and education.

She supports the President and deputises for her as requested.

She works closely with the Marketing Convener to support clubs  in attracting, involving  and retaining active members who will contribute to and benefit from the goals of BPW NZ.

She works closely with the Program Convener to ensure that self development opportunities are provided  to challenge members to reach their full potential.

  • Maintain the membership data base, undertake surveys and provide reports to the Executive as required.
  • Co-ordinate and promote membership schemes – individual, associate and corporate.
  • Respond to enquiries and send out information about membership.
  • Support clubs and assist them with membership issues.
  • Promote the BPW  Way in all clubs.
  • Promote the formation of new clubs and guide  the steering committee.
  • Monitor club membership status, ensuring that BPW constitutional requirements are met. Present the Membership Increase Award at Conference.
  • Promote member development programs –the BPW NZ Mentoring Program,  Regional Training Days, other seminars and programs for mbers.
  • Mentor the Program Convener in fulfilling her role.
  • Compile a monthly membership item for the BPW NZ Circular
  • Provide a report of membership status and activities to the bi-monthly Executive meeting and to the annual Conference.
  • Deputise for the President as requested.

Vice President Issues

The Vice President – Issues is responsible for facilitating positive action on Issues that impact on women. She works to ensure that BPW NZ is seen as an informed source for consultation about working women.

She works closely with the Federation Executive and Legislation Convener to identify and address women’s issues at local, national and international levels.

She supports the Young BPW Convener in addressing issues relevant to young women.

  • Develop and co-ordinate Action Plans to implement BPWI and BPW NZ Policies.
  • Alert Executive to new issues that we should be addressing
  • Research background data on issues, in particular those to be submitted to select committees.
  • Maintain the Issues Register and provide reports to the Executive and Clubs on progress in implementing BPWI and BPW NZ policies.
  • Encourage, educate and support clubs in identifying and addressing Issues at local level.
  • Mentor the Legislation Convener in fulfilling her role.
  • Coordinate lobbying on important common issues with NCW and other NGOs.
  • Liaise with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and politicians and promote BPW NZ as an informed source for consultation
  • Compile a monthly Issues item for the BPW NZ Circular
  • Provide a written report on the progress of Issues activitiesto the bi-monthly Executive meeting and to the annual Conference.
  • Judge the annual Anne Todd-Lambie Issues Award
  • Deputise for the President as requested.


The Immediate Past President assists, supports and encourages the President.  She carries out duties as requested by the President, such as unfinished business from the previous term.  She uses her  contacts and experience gained at International Meetings to act as an international “watchdog” for BPW NZ.

  • Continue working within the Aims of BPW NZ to support the President and as directed by the President.
  • Act as a mentor to the new President, assisting, supporting and encouraging her as needed
  • Undertake special projects as requested by the President
  • Update the archive to include relevant documents and records from her term as President.
  • Monitor international communications from BPWI, the United Nations and other international bodies, informing / advising the President of possible action and of any international forums of particular interest to BPW NZ.
  • Chair the resolutions committee prior to Conference and conduct the resolutions sessions at Conference.
  • Update the Policy, Constitution, Standing Orders and Finance Policy after each conference.
  • Prepare Resolutions to BPWI from BPW NZ, providing background and supplementary material for the BPW NZ delegates who will speak to the resolutions at the BPWI Congress.
  • Raise the profile and increase the effectiveness of BPW NZ in the international arena.

Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary works closely with the President and manages all the communication activities between the Executive and the Clubs / members. She records the Minutes of Executive meetings, keeps the mailing database, maintains the clubs contact list, prepares & distributes the monthly Circular and mailout. Judges the club bulletin award.

  • Maintain the mailing data base
  • Prepare and distribute the monthly BPW Circular
  • Collate and distribute the monthly mail out and distribute other documents as requested.
  • Maintain the Clubs Contacts List and send updates to the web mistress as  changes occur.
  • Respond to requests from clubs and members for BPW documents and publications
  • Be a resource to club secretaries.
  • In the absence of an Administration Assistant, record, process and circulate the Minutes of Executive meetings .
  • Attend Conference and coordinate the copying and circulation of documents.


The Treasurer works closely with the President and Executive team to ensure that BPW NZ remains financially viable, that accurate records are kept and that legislative requirements are met.

  • Maintain the financial records and provide an up to date financial report to the bi-monthly Executive meeting.
  • Receive Club levies and follow up promptly with those that are late.
  • Work with the Funding Convener to find additional sources of income from grants and sponsorship, and ensure that these are used for the intended purposes and within any required conditions.
  • Promptly bank all moneys received, monitor the bank accounts and ensure that there are sufficient funds to cover any cheques that are written.
  • Complete and file GST and tax returns by the due dates.
  • Produce annual audited / reviewed accounts in time for inclusion in the Conference papers.
  • Prepare a realistic annual budget and assist the Executive to work within these parameters. Inform the President immediately of any discrepancies or developing deficits.
  • Maintain the accumulated funds at a level at least equivalent to the annual income, with any expenditure being of an exceptional nature for special purposes only.
  • Be a resource and advisor to clubs on financial management and record keeping.
  • Liaise with BPWI on financial matters, pay international dues, and assess BPWI financial accounts prior to Congress.
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