Important – Keys to Achievement Notice from Lyndy Jackson

Keys to Achievement Programme

How are your members coping with the KTA programme and what are the main concerns?

I suspect that there could be some niggles out there regarding the recording of achievements and the receipt of certificates.

First of all, an assurance from me that all participants in the programme will receive due recognition.

It would be really helpful if each club could designate a contact person for KTA so that I can be in touch to sort out any challenges.  Please advise your contact details directly to me.

Secondly, just in case there is any confusion, let’s get the process clear: –

  • It is expected that all members of your club receive a KTA booklet on joining.  I know at least one club that has introduced a joining fee to cover the cost of the KTA booklet and the name badge.
  • Existing members are also encouraged to participate, to gain recognition for their club.  Members who are not inclined towards completing the programme themselves could be encouraged to mentor newer members to complete the required tasks.
  • Once all tasks in a level have been completed, it is important to photocopy or scan the completed work sheets, not the club development form as has happened on occasion in the past.

The completed worksheet, duly signed by your Club President, can be sent directly to me –

Lyndy Jackson, 4 Elizabeth Avenue Heretaunga Upper Hutt 5018,

I will then record the details, print a certificate, have the Federation President sign the certificate, laminate and post back to you.  It is important when sending the details that a return address is included.

KTA badges are the clubs’ concern.  Bronze badges are purchased for $10 each.  Once a Bronze member has achieved Silver status, the Bronze badge is returned by the club KTA convenor to Colleen Brooker in exchange for a Silver badge and likewise when graduating from Silver to Gold.

Booklets are available for ordering from Colleen Brooker or from the website.

Those members achieving gold status through the current year are announced at conference and their achievement recognised by acclamation.

The process is a simple one, the activities can be challenging.  What better place to be challenged than in an environment that will mentor and support you and celebrate with you on your willingness to participate?

I am in the process of updating the records.  Once this is done I would like to list each achiever in each level by club on the BPWNZ website.  In this way you will be able to measure the achievement of your club in comparison to others.

Please contact me if you have any concerns or suggestions.  I am here to listen and either help you or find someone who can.

Lyndy Jackson                                                                              June 2010

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