What you said …

Gisborne Conference 2010

  • Well organised weekend
  • A very pleasant conference venue
  • A very professionally run conference
  • Having to sit all day during the conference, it would have been good to be able to walk about, dance or be more active during the Sat night entertainment (the debate was excellent).
  • Enjoyed conference, very friendly, happy time
  • Much more info before the conference would be appreciated
  • Keep up the good work
  • Great conference
  • A well planned BPW conference, great venue, excellent speakers, great food and entertainment
  • Signpost for carpark and entrance to go to the hotel could be better
  • Conference wasn’t long enough √
  • Congratulations Gisborne, this has been a very stimulating, well organised and structured conference
  • Would of liked the conference information beforehand
  • Carry on the good work
  • Good venue, great to be able to sit outside for morning tea and lunch
  • From arrival, conference was organised most efficiently
  • Well organised enjoyable inspiring conference – keynote speakers fantastic
  • Gisborne you did a magnificent job – congratulations!
  • Great conference, well done again Gisborne. Well run.
  • It was hard arriving at conference and seeing the info for the first time
  • Well organised
  • Very serious conference
  • Members not listening – therefore wasting precious time answering the wrong question. Some members appeared to enjoy the sound of their own voice
  • A well run conference
  • Wonderful conference
  • Well run with team effort
  • Conference didn’t have the spark that was there in past years – but was it just me
  • Very serious conference – a little more lightheartedness where appropriate would have been a help for first time attendees, we want people to keep returning
  • Agenda on name tag a great idea lanyard around neck √√√
  • Great not to have to dress up
  • Fining system for Nepal – great idea – finally some lightheartedness, laughter included in programme a must – the more the better, helps relieve the boredom of some of the resolutions
  • Appreciated the extra time at Sunday lunch to catch up with others and feel more relaxed, not so pressured and rushed to eat, drink etc
  • Very well organised – excellent speakers
  • Liked the breaks between resolutions
  • Thought Vanessa did brilliantly after interrogation – can this be avoided for future?
  • Loved being picked up at airport
  • Enjoyable time
  • Excellent speakers
  • Very well organised and friendly
  • Great promotion of sponsors
  • Well organised, fun, no tensions noticeable, beautiful flowers, great team work
  • Many thanks to the team and to club members for a great conference, impressive sponsorship list
  • Well organised conference – ran very smoothly and timely
  • Friendly conference, excellent run business sessions, fun social times and a great conference venue
  • The Saturday night entertainment was too long
  • Well run conference by Gisborne
  • Would have liked time outside of the Emerald Hotel environment and experience a little of Gisborne City √√
  • Great panel of business women
  • Local club members very helpful
  • The attention to detail and overall organisation was tremendous
  • Gisborne is welcoming and made the conference buzz
  • Great all over
  • Flower arrangements at the end of main table restricted view of speakers for side tables
  • The panel, speakers and entertainment – absolutely first class
  • The executive’s remits needed better preparation and support for their treasurer (provided in advance)
  • Very well organised – congrats to conference planning committee. Great venue and rooms
  • Well done Gisborne – loved the wine focus
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