Membership Competition

BPW NZ’s competition to acknowledge existing members who have introduced new members into their club finishes 31December 2010.

Each member that introduced a new member into their club during the year will go into a National draw for a FREE registration and dinner at Conference, 2 April 2011, at Waipuna, Auckland.


How do you apply?

For every new member introduced by an existing club member, their name, club name, new member’s name and date of joining will be sent through to the Federation for inclusion into the draw. A spreadsheet specific to this event is available by clicking on the link in the BPWNZ Federation newsletter (See Quick Links).

Clubs keep a record and your club President is to sign this and send through in January 2011.


For every member who introduces a new YoungBPW member to their club will go into the draw TWICE. We know the importance of introducing members, but acknowledge the importance of the future growth and sustainability of any club is through having young members come on board.

So here is the Criteria:

Member has introduced a new member into the club, who have become a full paid member

• The award is for Conference 2011 only

• This award is NON TRANSFERABLE, no other member can use this prize

• YoungBPW members introduced, member goes into the draw TWICE

• Period covers 1st January 2010 to 31st December 2010.

Further to the launch of this competition I would like to acknowledge the comments that had been sent through by members/clubs in response to this event.  The criteria has been very specific, to acknowledge individual members who act as your ambassadors in promoting your club and introducing new members.  For some of these members the opportunity to attend conference may be the first they have undertaken.  It also may allow them to achieve at least two of their Keys To Achievement requirements, to meet new members at a BPW NZ Conference and to report back to their club.  As the competition closes at the end of the year and the forms must be sent through in January this will give the winning member enough time to arrange cheap flights and their reservation at the conference venue.

Download the Membership Competition Spreadsheet here

Carolyn Savage, PBPW

BPW NZ 1st Vice President

Email:, or

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