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November Tech Tip – Changing passwords

Do you groan every time the bank requests that you change your password?  And when you are registering on a site for the first time, does coming up with a new password cause you undue stress?  If you are anything like me, you have to rack your brains trying to come up with a password that you will remember (remember the password and remember where you wrote it down!).

Here’s an idea that I found in June 2010 Netguide that I’m using now.  It’s a great idea, but I’m still having the “remember where I wrote it down” problem – anyone with a solution to that one, let me know!

Most passwords require at least 8 characters, including letters and numbers, and a capital letter, and most of us HATE having to think up new ones all the time.  BTW, (by the way) using the same password for everything is NOT a good idea.

So how about this one:  Ih8cp2710.  Translated:  I (capital letter) hate changing passwords and the day’s date (27 October).  Vary the formula to suit yourself, e.g. I hate Adolf Hitler (Ih8ah) or something/someone more personal.  Just be sure to note that password, and store it somewhere away from the computer.  Then the only thing you have to write down is the date you changed the password!  Nifty.




September Tech Tip:

Printing your newsletter as a booklet is relatively easy, and most modern printer’s programs have the facility to do it.

First, open your printer program (ctrl+P).  Click on properties, and then look for Manuel Duplex, or booklet, or something like that.  Choose BOOKLET, and click ok.

Your printer will usually tell you to print the first pages, then replace the paper in the tray (up the correct way – you’re on your own there!) and click OK when you’ve done that.

There is a correct way to place the paper in the tray to ensure the booklet reads consecutively.  You may have to try it out a couple of times to get it right.

HINT:  it goes a LOT easier if you number your pages.

There are a couple of screenshots on the blog showing two different printer’s properties’ dialogue boxes.  It might give you an idea where to look for BOOKLET command.

Be sure to click on “Properties” to get to this screen.  Click on the down arrow next to “Manual Duplex/Booklet

This is my Canon Printer window.  I clicked on “Properties” then opened the tab “Page Setup”.  I had to scroll down in the box to get to the “Booklet” command.

If your newsletter is 8 or more pages long, a booklet may be a cost effective way to go.  Instead of 8 pages, you will use only 2 pieces of paper; a 12 page newsletter uses 3 pages, and so on.

August Tech tip:

You’ve clicked on a link to a form you want to fill out, but you can’t enter any data???

It could be opening up in the site, which means that you’ll have a couple more clicks to go yet.

  • Look in the top left hand corner for DOWNLOAD and click on it.
  • Pick where you want to save it, and click SAVE or PUBLISH or whatever
  • then go there to open the Word document.  Watch out for popups that might need you to ENABLE for editing.  (Popups are usually in a yellow bar at the top of the page)
  • You should be able to add your data to the WORD document now.
  • When you’ve finished, SAVE AS your document, giving it a meaningful name.  If it’s a form that needs to be emailed back to a collector, put YOUR name (or your club’s name, if applicable) in the file name, along with the original.  You have no idea how frustrating it is to receive back a million attachments, all with the same filename: “mydogdoes”.  Rename it thus: “anna smith mydogdoes”

If you do have any technical type questions or puzzles that you’d like help with, email

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