President’s Message

August 2010


Several things have happened over the last few days which remind me of how things used to be and how sometimes we hold on to them to the detriment of moving forward in to the future.

There’s always a part of us that enjoys our own personal history; the good parts we remember and that make us smile.  We share them with anyone that will listen.  Granted, some of us share so often we get feedback about being quiet!

Our personal history also includes bad experiences and I believe we have these to build our character.  We learn to deal with the stresses of life and for most of us we learn good ways of doing this that keeps us healthy and not also stressing out those that are closest to us.

We range from those of us that are so easy going that they could seemingly sleep their way through life and those of us that are so stressed all of the time, that others call us stress merchants or someone with ants-in-their-pants.  Of course, the ideal is a happy medium and knowing how to behave in different situations in the continuum so that we are the happy medium seems to elude some of us.

I know that you are reading this and you’re smiling because you know someone that fits one of these bills.

Some of us haven’t learnt how to identify this in each other and we expect each other to be the same as us – react like us, act like us, and behave like us – and we have no or little tolerance for those that are different or for different ways of thinking or doing things.

Unfortunately, we are not clones and we need to learn tolerance.  It takes all sorts of people to make the world go round.  And your way is not the only way.  And being able to identify different types of people and communicate to work with them proactively is called emotional intelligence.

We are women, we have it.

The best thing about BPW is that we have a fantastic history – of achievements, leaders and challenges.  We all need to remember our history – what’s been said and done between clubs and within clubs.  It helps us to understand where we’ve come from and gives us the base on which to build our future.

And we are made up of all different types of women – at all levels of emotional intelligence and we need to  learn how to use it so that we can all work together effectively in advancing the status of women.


The women of New Zealand and the world need us and they need us to work together.

Kia kaha tuahine


Angela McLeod

BPW NZ President

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