BPW International Submission of Resolutions

Letter from Pat Harrison

Pat Harrison
Resolutions chair
Helsinki Congress
Affiliate Presidents
Standing Committee Chairs
With less than a year until we meet in Helsinki, we need to be thinking about resolutions which will be put to Congress. I should like to receive these as early as possible so that the Resolutions Committee will have time to look at them and perhaps suggest appropriate changes or combination with other resolutions on similar issues.
Before submitting a resolution, you should look at past resolutions and decide whether your submission has already been covered by previous decisions of Congress, because if they have, they are already BPWI policy (http://www.bpw-international.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=220&Itemid=129〈=en)
It has been determined that only resolutions which address BPWI core issues will be accepted.
I also want to remind those Affiliate Presidents and Standing Committee Chairs, whose committee presented a resolution which was approved in Mexico, that many of your resolutions included a clause to report back to Congress in Helsinki on the results of the resolution. I should like you to report to me and I can then incorporate the results in my report to Congress.
I shall be at the North American Regional Congress and the Asia Pacific Regional Congress so if you wish to speak to me about any resolutions I shall be happy to meet with you.
Pat Harrison
Past President
Resolutions Chair


The closing date for the submission of Resolutions is 17th December, 2010. Resolutions received after that date will only be accepted if they are postmarked no later than 15th December, 2010.

Send resolutions to:

BPW International President’s Office

P. O. Box 537 Babylon, NY 11702 USA

Tel: +1-631-422-7849, Fax: +1-631-792-1192

E-mail: presidents.office@bpw-international.org

Any submission by e-mail must contain the names of all signatories and be followed by a signed postal submission postmarked no later than the date of the e-mail. Please note : Resolutions that have been considered and unfavourably voted upon at Congress shall not be accepted for consideration again (Art XII, Section 2(c), Bylaws).

(Name of National or State Federation, Associate Club, Executive Board Member, or Chairperson): ­­­­­­­­­

Submits for consideration by the Resolutions Committee the under noted motion for debate at the

XXVII BPW International Congress 2011, according to the Bylaws, Article XII Section 1(b).




IMPLEMENTATION:   Suggestions for a practical action plan to be implemented by BPW International and it’s affiliates.


PROPOSED BY: ____________________________________         ______________________________

(Name) (Signature)

DATE: ___________________________

To assist in the deliberations of the Resolutions Committee, list below the name and address of

the person to whom any queries should be addressed:




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