BPW NZ Awards

BPW NZ Award Criteria

Guidelines for submitting BPW NZ Awards

Each year the projects committee judges the applications for awards, which are given out at the annual conference. It is obvious that a lot of work goes into preparing these awards but keep your entries clear, concise and correct according to the criteria required for each award.

Below are a few things to be aware off when submitting an award for conference.

  • Begin the planning for your award entry early to ensure the highlights are reflected clearly for judging purposes.

Awards for conference are always based on projects and events that have happened the previous year.

  • Read the criteria carefully and adhere to the requirements.
  • It is helpful to create a checklist.
  • Any entry not completed correctly, will not be considered.
  • Proof read the entry by two independent people before submitting.
  • Consider time frames for posting purposes e.g. Standard post-fast post.

  • An email to Project Convenor that your entry has been posted is required.

  • Number pages of your entry.

  • Clubs are to submit seven copies of the entry for judging purposes.

  • If you require any further information please contact the project convener.

Good luck with your award entries for the coming year. I know there has been some great work done out there by clubs this past year and the committee is looking forward to receiving your applications for the Federation awards. All clubs should be able to enter for at least one award.

Now is the time to start looking at the projects and events you have held over the past 12 months and look at where they fit into the award categories and start working on your entries.

BPW New Zealand

“advancing the interests of working women”

Theme for the Year “New Dimensions of Leadership – for the Future”



2.     Alix Haywood award for best club newsletter

3.     ANNE TODD BELL AWARD (Issues Award)





All of the above awards to be received by the Federation by 1st March of the conference year.


This Award is given to the club that has best demonstrated the Aims of BPW over the past year.

1.1.          Entry Criteria

  • All clubs can enter, regardless of size, or whether they enter any other Award, provided that in the Award year they

i)          Were a financial member of the Federation

ii)         Sent a delegate/s to Conference

iii)        Sent a representative/s to all Regional Training Days held in the club’s region.

  • Clubs must submit

i)          A summary of how their club has achieved the aims of BPW

ii)                A club report is to be submitted to the Year Book.

iii)              Clubs are to submit seven copies of your entry for judging purposes

iv)              The entry is restricted to nine one sided A4 pages in total – One cover page as detailed below, seven pages covering the seven aims of BPW and one page to display supporting material such as newspaper clippings or photo’s.

  • If there are no entries that meet the criteria, the Project Committee may make no recommendation.

1.2.BPW NZ Aims

The Aims are those that are in the Constitution of BPW NZ.

1.   To work for

  • Equal opportunities and status for all women in the economic, civil, and political life in all countries
  • The removal of discrimination;

2.   To encourage women and girls to

  • Acquire education, occupational training, and continuing education,
    • Use their occupational capacities and intelligence for the advantage of others as well as themselves;

3.   To improve the position of women in business, trade, and the professions, and in the economic life of their countries;

4.   To stimulate and encourage in women a realisation and acceptance of their responsibilities to the community, locally, nationally, and internationally;

5.   To work for high standards of service in business and the professions;

6.   To promote worldwide friendship, co-operation, and understanding between business and professional women;

7    To collect and present the views of business and professional women to Parliament, national, and world organisations and agencies.

1.3.Entry form

  • Entries are to be posted, addressed to the BPW NZ, Projects Convenor, PO Box 28-326, Remuera, Auckland.1541 by 1st March each year

Application for Club of the Year Award – Cover Page

Club _____________________________      President _______________________________

President’s Phone ____________________  Email __________________________________

Financial Members for whom Federation levy has been paid – 1st Jan _____ 30th Dec ______

Club Delegate/s to Conference  _________________________________________________

Club delegate/s to the Regional Training Days______________________________________

The Club has submitted a report for the Year Book___________________________________

Alix Haywood award for best club newsletter

This award is presented at Conference to the club which is judged to have displayed the best standard of communication during the previous year, primarily through the club newsletter. Entry form is in Appendix.

As electronic publications require a different approach to print versions, the entry questions are designed to help the judges ascertain the effectiveness of club communications, no matter which medium is used.

The questions on circulation should indicate whether the club uses its newsletters to promote itself in the wider community, e.g. target women who may be potential members, or to keep in touch with former members.

The questions on the national Circular will help judge the electronic editions in particular, as the Circular is often directly forwarded electronically to club members.

The section headed role of club newsletter allows editors to explain their aims, and to comment on the effectiveness of their work. It is designed more to encourage self-evaluation (and thus raise the standard) than to help the judges.

The judging will generally be weighted 60% content and 40% presentation.

Presentation: look for

Print version Electronic version
– General appearance – Quick to download (for busy women)
– Reader friendly e.g. ease of handling – Easy to scroll through – not too wordy
– Layout e.g. use of white space, graphics – Layout – simple, not many ‘big byte’ graphics
– Type face – clear, easy to read – Type face – clear, easy to read
– Overall image and tone – is it consistent with this group and is it a good advertisement for BPW?
– Does it promote BPW as a group worth joining?
Content: Look for
– Clear identification of club name and month/year of publication
– Meeting dates and venues
– Contact details for key people
– Editorial content e.g. President’s Pen or similar
– Programme – feedback on previous events, and notice of coming events/meeting programmes
– Member news and profiles
– Local community items of interest to club members
– Snippets/miscellaneous items which help make the newsletter an enjoyable read
– National and International news.    (Some clubs will circulate national and international circulars by separate email – check the question sheet.)

– Stimulating ideas


This Award is presented to the BPW Club that has most actively pursued an issue, which improves the status of women.

Entries are to be posted to the Project Convenor BPW NZ, P O Box 28-326, Remuera, Auckland.1541 by 1st March  each year


  • Educating Club membership and the wider community by letter writing campaigns, holding   meetings and seminars.
  • Lobbying local MP’s and at a ministerial level through the federation and the appropriate Chairs.
  • If applicable encourage the involvement of other Clubs to support your issue.
  • Clubs are reminded that the activities must be in line with the aims and policies of the BPW NZ and that all activities must be with the approval of the federation.
  • Clubs are to submit seven copies of your entry for judging purposes.


Entries are to be made by forwarding a presentation of the club activities in a concise, attractive and readable format, but is restricted to five one sided A4 pages acknowledging the relevant BPWNZ Aims/.Aims. A cover page may also be included.

Include the following:

  • Clearly sets out the issues being pursued and the aims the club has in pursuing this issue
  • Explain how many members were involved
  • How the issue was actually pursued (copies of supporting material can be provided). A copy of supporting material can be provided on one additional A4 page.
  • Were time lines set and met
  • What publicity if applicable was gained for BPW
  • Is it an ongoing issue
  • What areas of difficulties if any were encountered and how did you solve them
  • Recommendations and evaluations for the federation and Club

If there are no entries that meet the criteria, the project committee, may make no recommendation


This is a trophy presented annually to the Club that has been the most effective in marketing BPW through an activity they have completed in the current year. Clubs can submit their entry by posting to the

The Projects Convenor, BPW NZ, P.O. Box 28 326, Remuera, Auckland 1541 by 1st March each year

Here are some useful hints to assist you with presentation of your entry.

AIMS – of the activity should be clearly set out.  This includes marketing BPW.

PLANNING THE ACTIVITY – This should also include: advertising/marketing objectives as well as the organisational details of the event and a budget.  If applicable, details of any funding or sponsorship received.

FINAL ACCOUNTING – of the activity.

PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS – examples of fliers, pamphlets, advertising, articles published. Condensed examples of published articles would be appreciated

REPORT – of the actual event.

PHOTOS – condensed copies of photos would be appreciated.

DEBRIEF / ACCOUNTABILITY REPORT – How effective was your project and  give an indication of your targeted audience.

Your report needs to be concise – but informative. Be selective with the material that you present so that you represent the effectiveness of your club to the best advantage.

Your entry is to be restricted to a total of ten one sided A4 pages plus one cover page.

Clubs to submit seven copies of your entry for judging purposes.

If there are no entries that meet the criteria the Project Committee may make no recommendation


Clubs are asked to complete and return this form to the:

BPW NZ, Project  Convenor, P 0 Box 28326, Remuera, AUCKLAND.1541

By 1st March, each year.

The Daphne Chapman Award is to be awarded annually to the  BPW  member who best promotes the image of BPWNZ. This includes actions, which may have been undertaken within the Club, local or national community, which promote the vision of BPW New Zealand.


  • The nominee needs to show how the skills of communication, leadership, mentoring, and personal skills have been implemented.
  • Clubs are to submit seven copies or your entry fro judging purposes.
  • The required Daphne Chapman Award entry forms are attached.

The Club President should complete all following sections.


PHONE: Res                                                          Mobile

BUS Email

has been a member of the
BPW for                           years


Explain why you club nominee is an appropriate recipient of the Daphne Chapman Award.

President’s signature:                                                                           Date:



The nominee for the Daphne Chapman Award must complete the following using the amount of space provided.

The Project Judging Committee will take a clear concise format into consideration.

If there are no entries that meet the criteria the Project Committee may make no recommendation.

Explain how you used these skills when you promoted BPW.

  • Communication skills:


  • Leadership skills:

  • Mentoring skills:

  • Personal skills:

Nominee signature:                                                                 Date:

The nominee must include a one page typed CV.

Give this completed form and your CV to your Club President.

Community Achievement Award

(Helping Your Local Community)

Each year many BPW Clubs contribute positively for the betterment of their local communities.

This not only benefits many organisations and individuals in the communities but also recognises the involvement of BPW both locally and nationally.

This award is presented by the Federation annually and is judged on the clubs participation and involvement with the project.  It includes both annual projects and new initiatives.


  • Entries are to be posted   to the BPW NZ Project Convenor, PO. Box 28-326, Remuera, Auckland.1541.  by 1st March, each year.
  • Clubs are to submit seven copies of your entry for judging purposes.


Entries are to be made by forwarding a presentation of the club activities in a concise, attractive and readable format but must be limited to four one sided A4 pages plus one cover page.

Points to consider when submitting your application

  • Aim of project
  • How long did the project take?
  • How was it financed?
  • What percentage of the club membership was involved?
  • What skills were used and developed
  • What publicity was gained by your work?
  • What was the impact of your project on your club?
  • List the benefits to the community
  • Did you achieve your goal?

If there are no entries that meet the criteria the Projects Committee may make no recommendation.


  • Alix Haywood Award

New Zealand Federation of Business & Professional Women Inc.

Entry for Alix Haywood Award

for best club newsletter

Club Name:                            . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Newsletter editor’s name:    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Important:      attach copies of three editions of your newsletter

produced during the past year

Club newsletter circulation

1.         How is your club newsletter mainly distributed?                     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

e.g. posted, emailed, handed out at club meetings

2.         How many people (in total) are on your mailing list?              . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

3.         How many of the above are not current club members?        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

National Circular

4.         How do you usually pass on the BPW NZ Circular to your members?     (circle one)

(a)       As an insert with the printed club newsletter

(b)       forwarded by email, with some hard copies available at meetings for visitors and members without email

(c)       extracts printed in your club newsletter

(d)       other   (give details)

Role of club newsletter

5.         What were your goals in producing the newsletter during this past year?

6.         How else does your club communicate with its members on a regular basis?

7.         What part do you consider the newsletter plays in the life of your club?

Continue your answers on the reverse of this page, if you wish. è

Send this completed form, together with 3 samples of your club newsletter, by 1st March

To the Executive Secretary, BPW NZ P O Box 28 326, Remuera, Auckland 1050

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