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December 2010 Report

I am happy to report that BPW Canada has the Accommodation website listed in their Newsletter on their website.  BPW UK has put the link on their website front page.  BPW South Africa is promoting it especially for the Rugby World Cup and I am just waiting for BPW Australia’s response.  Carolyn Savage promoted the opportunity at the recent BPW Samoan Conference. The Federation Presidents have expressed their delight in this scheme.  New Zealanders are well liked amongst the BPW International members.


Host Registrations are coming in slowly and it would be great to have more throughout New Zealand.  We have had an enquiry for eight days in February 2011but there is little available for that month currently.  We have already had two BPW International visitors in Auckland during October/November.  It is a pity they didn’t know about our Home Hosting.


The exchange rate is in the favour of travellers coming to New Zealand.  We have an amazing opportunity on our hands.


For help or further information call Colleen on 09 524 7389

or email her at: colleenmb6@xtra.co.nz








Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Q       I don’t know what I will be doing in a year’s time.  Do I need to register this early?

1A        Yes.  Visitors will be making their plans to come to New Zealand knowing they need to get in early to select the best deals.  New Zealander members too, may wish to stay with fellow members.

2Q       What if something comes up later?

2A        Go into your registration ‘available dates’ and adjust them to suit your commitments.

3Q       Does the advertising comply with the official rules and guidelines for the Rugby World Cup 2011?

3A        Yes it has been checked out with the event owner, Rugby World Cup Limited, and the home hosting scheme and website complies.

4Q       I am not familiar with completing forms on the computer.  Can you help?

4A        Yes.  Email me with a suitable time and I can phone you to guide you through the exercise.

5Q       I don’t like the idea of putting my bank account number onto to an internet site.  Do I have to?

5A        Not if you feel uncomfortable.  Leave the space blank.  Payment can be sent by cheque.

6Q       is my information secure?

6A        Yes.  It is hidden and only you can access It by password.  When a booking is made and paid for I get a copy of the name and address details so that payment can be made.

7A        How do you make sure the guests are BPW members?

7B        The applicant is asked for her club, her President’s name and the President’s email address.  I email the President for verification of membership.

For help or further information call Colleen on 09 524 7389

or email her at:  colleenmb6@xtra.co.nz

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