Keys To Achievement Program

March 2011

In the words of some of those marketing hypes seen around from time to time,  I am really excited right now!! Why?? After a slight lull in proceedings, BPW  Central Hawkes Bay have started the year with a bang!! 3 bronze and a silver and all before their first meeting of the year.  Congratulations!!

Upper Hutt has also achieved another bronze and silver and just to show I am willing to walk the talk, I am proud to say I have achieved my Gold Key.  And in telling you that I would like to thank you all for the support and opportunity to do so.  It is my involvement with the National Federation that has seen me able to push through to the finish line….. or is it?  For some, achieving Gold may be just that, the finish line, others may be looking for more.

Do I feel as though I am now equal in learning with Past Presidents, Life Members and Parliamentarians because I have achieved Gold?  No, I don’t. It would be facetious of me to even consider so.  I have a lot of learning still to do.  I am a baby compared to the legendary ‘Golden Goddesses’ of years past.  KTA however, is giving me the basis on which to build my knowledge and appreciation of BPW.

Becoming involved with National and International activities extends your knowledge and understanding of BPW.  The importance of membership at the local level to the successful running of the organisation becomes even more apparent when viewed as the ‘bigger picture’.

The Keys to Achievement programme has the potential to encourage and develop confidence in members to speak up for the good of all.  There are those who will never have a problem with voicing their opinion, and there is a fair share of those at local level who will be happy to complain if things don’t go the way they think they should.  It can be difficult sometimes to put the organisation first and ‘put aside fault finding and self seeking’, however this must happen for the sake of carrying on the amazing achievements that have gone before and remaining focused on the BPW aims.

Working your way through the steps of the programme will gradually bring you to the point where you do understand and want to be a part of the bigger picture.  Does that mean you will be required to speak at the UN or to perform some other daunting international task?  Not necessarily, although the opportunity is there to do so.  As Faye Gardiner remarked at our Leadership Forum over the weekend:

‘That is why we have the Federation:  So that there will always be someone who can speak up for those who feel they can’t.’

The purpose is to learn to communicate in a meaningful and non aggressive manner at club level, the issues that are important to you.  If you feel going to a higher level is too great a challenge, then there will be someone at National and/or International level who will pick up the baton.

Some of you have heard me say before that supporting your club members to attend Leadership Forums, Regional Meetings and Conferences is so important for their continuing understanding of the importance of the organisation.  I have no hesitation in repeating myself, and will continue to do so. ‘Furthering the education of women’ is one of our aims.  Let’s start with our own club members.

Today I will not let fear stop me from reaching my goals.  I will take action where I need to.  I will not let fear paralyse me.  It is only by acting, doing, and making decisions that I can define who I am.  I accept that sometimes I will succeed and sometimes I will fail, but I will remind myself that no failure is permanent – Source unknown.




From Lyndy Jackson, National Programmes Convenor










Best wishes to everyone and a big thank you to those who have responded to my last message as KTA representatives of their clubs.

Those of you who have contacted me regarding Regional Meetings have been inspiring.  The programmes you have put together have indicated full on training days with real value for the attendees.  Well done!

I look forward to attending the meeting in Hawera at the end of August.

Congratulations to those members who have achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold KTA levels since the conference last May when I took over this position.  Please see the list below.

Erin Burt Te Puke Aug-10
Fay O’Dwyer Te Puke Aug-10
Jane Sylvia Te Puke Aug-10
Jennie Fergusson Warkworth May-10
Maxine Hatfull Warkworth May-10
Selene Buttle Warkworth May-10
Adele Hardie Upper Hutt May-10
Angela McLeod Upper Hutt Jun-10

You will no doubt have more names for me to add before too long.  Please send work sheets to my email address or post to 4 Elizabeth Avenue, Heretaunga, Upper Hutt, 5018.

Kindest regards


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