September President’s Message

I’ve just spent the day at the Northern Regional Meeting – and I’m inspired by all the work all you clubs are doing.  I was also heartened by the support for the Federation and the sharing of ideas.  Getting together like this is important.  It’s vital to share your successes and challenges, its important to support and mentor each other and it’s great to see old friends and meet new ones.  These gatherings are the best places to recharge your batteries for the coming year.

I can’t wait to take in the energy of the next one I attend.

One of the great things about BPW is the personal development through the Keys to Achievement programme, and through the mentoring and support offered by clubs and members within clubs.  Its something we do really well, informally, as women.  And I saw that today.  I went to the Northern Regional Meeting last year and I see the difference in people in a year.  Their confidence in standing up in front of a group and presenting a club report, their ability to keep to time and their comfort in sharing their issues and ideas.

And then there are the new people – and their willingness to jump in, boots and all.  The strength they needed, they drew from those that have gone before them.  And what’s more they grew in stepping up.

And that’s one of the things BPW does for you and your colleagues – helps them grow.  And as they do, we do.  And the organization goes from strength to strength.  And we continue to advance the status of women.

Keep up the good work

Kia kaha tuahine

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