White Ribbon Day



International Day for the elimination of violence against women 25th November to 10th December.

White Ribbon Appeal is the largest worldwide initiated event by men to stop violence against women and children.

This NZ annual event is organised by the Families Commission.

Start thinking  of the most creative ways of illustrating your clubs support in your community- for example a large white ribbon with everyone’s signature in your community supporting the campaign. Approach  the local Mayor to hang ribbon in a prominent place and have local press present.

Franklin BPW suggests that every member/club is asked to get a swatch signed be members of their community, ask for a donation for white ribbons.

Some other ideas:

  • Selling of white ribbons- to order go to Families Commission or http://www.whiteribbon.org.nz
  • Carry out a public launch inviting the Mayor, key people, local press to participate on the day
  • Ask local businesses to display White Ribbon posters, maybe create  a local poster for your own area
  • Clubs donating food for motorbike riders at each destination eg sausage sizzle, lunches, am/pm teas
  • Community involvement-participation by the local communities, invite local celebrities, sportsmen, Lions, Rotary and other organizations.
  • Clubs would advertise event in local newspapers
  • Display posters in shops and libraries-posters available-www.whiteribbon.org.nz
  • Invite local Mayor to become key supporter/spokesman for the event
  • Make  ribbons and white cloth swatches for singing available at local shops and BPW members

Have LARGE white ribbon donated on which signed swatches are attached or sewn together then displayed on library or local shop

White Ribbon Motorcycle ride starts in Tauranga and travels through the centre of the North Island to Wellington then North  via Eastern and Western routes to Auckland. In 2009 more then 200 riders took part and visited  over 35 towns & cities. Supported by the Warriors and the Highlanders.

All donations received will go to Families Commission to assist with future education on resources on eliminating violence within the community.

White Ribbon Day  is the International Day when people wear a white ribbon to show they won’t tolerate, condone  or remain silent about violence against women

This project falls under the umbrella of the AIMS of BPWNZ through raising awareness of domestic violence.

I hope your clubs will participate in the event locally.

We can end violence against women

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