Highlights from the Oceania Conference

Held Wellington 31 July – 1st August 2010 at PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Wellington put on one super-duper day and another that was not so good for the BPW Oceania Conference recently.  Here are some of the highlights from the Conference.

Suzanne Snively

Susanne Snively gave a very thought-provoking speech about women in leadership and the different skills sets that women bring to an organisation.

Presidents’ Reports – Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, American Samoa and Papua New Guinea (in absentia) presented their reports.  We were all quite humbled by PNG’s report.  All of their funds go to helping women and girls get an education, and we saw videos of some of the people they have helped.

The Four Presidents

BPW International Update – Freda Miriklis reported on the complete revamp that is taking place within the organisation side of BPWI.

WEP – Women’s Empowerment Principles:  7 key principles to empower women in the workplace.

Dr. Jean Murray – Modernizing the BPW international Constitution.  For a potentially boring subject, this discussion was actually quite riveting.

Dr Jean Murray explains the draft Constitution

Advocacy and influencing government policy –Dr Jean Murray.  How to influence the policy makers at the right time and the right place.

Panel – The future of BPW Oceania.  Anita Scott YBPW NZ, Kate McCauley,YBPW Sydney, Angela McLeod, President BPWNZ and Marilyn Forsyth, President BPWA on how to take BPW successfully into the future.  The two Young BPW speakers impressed with their clear, well thought out discussions.

All of Us

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