Club Candle lighting Reminiscences

By Noell de Zoete


BPW Whangarei

BPW Whangarei

Candle Lighting – 28th July 2010

The peace and serenity that comes with the Candle Lighting Ceremony is one of BPW’s highlights for me.  Year after year the soft yellow flickering flames brighten the cold winter evening as we gather in intimacy and think of the many women around the world and the progress we are making.

Little by little as we light each candle we can picture them – basking in the warmth of their summer heat – celebrating with joy.  We can picture them – in war ravaged countries – in desperation still fighting for the rights that we now indulge in.

The world sits on our delicate little lace table and we are as one.  We are united in our thoughts, we are united in our friendship and we are united in our beliefs that every woman represented should be able to follow her dreams, her ambitions.

And as I absorb the warmth and glowing silence I am grateful, grateful that women before me have paved a path of choices for my future.  And I am saddened, saddened that we still have such a long way to make my reality a reality for all.

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