President’s Message

April 2011

The season is changing and we will soon be heading in to winter.  Winter;  the time of year when the ground (and bears) sleep; and before that Autumn; the time of year when some trees decide to change from the vibrant green to the warm hues of  gold, amber and red.  Lovely warm days and cooler evenings.  The time of year that squirrels build up their stores of nuts.  High protein high energy food to get through the winter.  Bears indulge so their body fat stores are enough to see out the winter, swallows head north, and geese start their migration vees.

We humans are no different…we start preparing our house for winter too.  We sub-consciously look at making our home warmer – we might find ourselves thinking of a new colour scheme, replacing the duvet inner or even thinking about the special price of the trailer load of firewood sitting by the side of the road as we drive past.  And, retailers make use of this thinking.  You’ll notice that the colours of their promotion material  is warmer, the specials are on things you might need for the winter and the food on special is that which you might associate with the traditional roasts.

It’s also the time of the year for our Conference and Awards dinner…I am absolutely stoked that at least 89 of you have not felt the need to stay home,  build up your stores for winter and change your interior décor.   That you have realized that the good food, good company and good decision-making for the year ahead are important to you, and the Federation, and you have registered to attend.  Thank you.

…and I haven’t forgotten my promise in the last newsletter; I will have enough hugs to go round.

Kia kaha tuahine


Angela McLeod

BPW NZ President

March 2011

The world has changed for many people.

New Zealand is such a small place that even if you don’t live in Christchurch or grew up in Christchurch, chances are, you will know someone there or someone who knows someone.  We have, literally, two degrees of separation here in New Zealand.  Incidentally, that is why the new phone company called themselves that.

We have a beautiful country with extraordinary landscapes.  Trouble is, the forces that created the beauty are also those that can destroy it by simply shaking.  We have seen the destruction of buildings and infrastructure, which will be rebuilt.

By the time you read this, we will most likely know the full extent of human suffering.  Please will you take the time to remember those that were not lucky enough to survive and also their families that are left grieving?

I watch with sadness the coverage each day and my spirits rise with each survivor pulled from the wreckage.  I also feel very strongly for the animals.  Cats especially, are affected by earthquakes and displaced dogs will be looking for their masters.

We can help!  We have provided information in this newsletter and through email alerts.

Coming up though, we have our conference and I look forward to seeing you all there.  We have over 70 registrations so far and I look forward to sharing my support of your work with you.

Given the tragic events we as a nation have had to endure, and the fact that I haven’t seen some of you for twelve months,  I can promise you there will be enough hugs from me for each of you!

Kia kaha tuahine


Angela McLeod

BPW NZ President

February 2011   

Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2011, the Year of the Rabbit. The little cottontail promises peace – peace in all the world’s hotspots, our communities and in our souls.

There is a lot on this year:

First up is the Leadership Forum – 12-13 February.  A great time for your club officers to share and learn about how to increase and maintain membership through good club practices and teamwork.  We will be inspired and motivated by guest speakers  Lisl Prendergast and Denise Gluyas as well as our own BPW members. Come along, be enabled, inspired and empowered to make a difference.

Second – Projects: Red Bag Day and International Women’s Day.  Two great themes for a fundraising and awareness raising community event – either together or separate.  Increase your profile and make some money in one (or two) fell swoops!

Thirdly, it is Congress year.  In Finland in mid-summer .  A fantastic opportunity to visit a lesser traveled part of Europe and be inspired and motivated by BPW women from all around the world.  Get a new appreciation of the International Federation and BPW.  Join us in the land of the midnight sun!  And our very own Conference – April 2nd.  Your chance to network with other BPW members, celebrate our achievements and set our direction for the future.

I hope you had a wonderful break with family and friends and that you are now refreshed and keen to plan for a successful year.  Actually, by the time you get this, some of you will already have met and planned your year with goals and targets for yourself and your club.  I look forward to hearing about your achievements and if you want to share your success, or concerns, just drop me a line or give me a call.

Let us grow calm, serene, gentle.

Kia kaha

December 2010

Well, it’s Christmas and hasn’t it rolled around quick!

I love this time of year.  Its warm, sunny and bright.  Schools out, everyone’s smiling and the world is good.

The summer break is a great time to reflect on the year that’s been, take stock of the present and plan for the future.  Personally, professionally and spiritually.

I encourage you all to take the time to reflect on your achievements over the past year.  Pat yourselves on the back for a job well done.  Celebrate!

I encourage you also to assess your current situation – Is your garden how you want it?  Your house the colour you want it?  Are you in the perfect job?  Do you, as a club, have a community profile? Enough members? Projects to work on?

And then…plan for success in the future – personally, locally and nationally.  Make time to sit down and list all the goals you want to achieve next year.  For yourself and your family as well as your club.  And then create a strategy to achieve them.  Tick another box in your Keys to Achievement book.

Is there an event you could do in your community to lift your profile, attract new members and highlight an issue?  Like Red Bag Day? International Women’s Day Breakfast?  Relay for Life?

Remember, you’ll have the energy after recharging your batteries with a summer break.

This is also the time of the year we spend quality time with friends and family; and sharing our love and laughter.  Please do…it’s important for them, you and your soul.

O, and the time of year for gifts! J

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone, I look forward to working with you in the New Year.

Kia kaha tuahine


November Message

I don’t know much about how the pyramids were built.  When I’m having a bad day I just think that they must have been put their by aliens – like in Stargate.  I hardly ever have a bad day – which is just as well because the pyramids were built by an incredible team of people.  Who knew the goal was to build something that honored their leaders and that future generations would admire and wonder at.  They were building something for a better future and they all believed in it.

I suspect, actually, they had a team of leaders; project managers.  Who knew how to herd cats.  Because, there would have needed to be all types and manner of people to build those magnificent monuments – all with different ideas of how it was to be done.  And I certainly don’t believe they did it by bullying them in to it.  It just would never have happened.  There just had to be hundreds of very patient people to build a pyramid, and if they were bullied they would have lost their energy and given up.

I’m just surmising how they did it as I wasn’t there all those thousands of years ago and I don’t believe they were built by aliens.

And the Egyptians didn’t only just build pyramids, they had amazing irrigation systems too.  They used the Nile and enabled thriving communities to feed and water each other and their animals.

Everyone had their job to do and they did it.  They communicated, constantly.  Up and down the “line of command“.   They didn’t bully each other, they encouraged each other.  They didn’t say, “oh we can’t work with that person”, they worked together.   They didn’t undermine each other, they supported each other.

They achieved amazing things.  And we can too.

Let’s all work together: enabling, inspiring and empowering each other.

Kia kaha tuahine.

October Message

Kia ora tatou,

As I write, the wind and rain are lashing the house.  A sure sign of spring, and bright flowers adorn the trees, lawns and borders.

Things come in threes – spring, daffodils, and lambs.

Three Regional meetings all in a row – one weekend after the other.  I am inspired by all the great work you are all doing.  There’s great work being done around membership, fellowship and projects.

And women join BPW for one of three reasons – networking, support in business or because they’re interested in issues affecting the working woman.

They stay because you offer those things and because they find out there’s more to us than meets the eye.  But, we are a secret to most women and you can’t sell a secret.

Start selling our secret.

Summer is on the way and you’re all thinking of the year ahead with AGMs; you’ll get your new committee, plan the year ahead and you’ll be thinking: How do we get new members?

Try with a project in the community.  One that increases your profile, raises funds and highlights an issue.  Three things.

You can do this in February next year with our Red Bag Day.

Get coverage in the media, sell the bags for a profit and highlight the lack of equal pay.  Three things.  Start thinking about it now and look out for more information in an upcoming circular.

BPW is one of the best kept secrets in New Zealand.  Let’s change it.

Kia kaha tuahine

Angela McLeod

President, BPWNZ

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