Regional Meeting Reports

Report: – BPW Northern Regional Meeting hosted by BPW Hibiscus Coast on Sunday, 22 August

This meeting was extremely well supported with members from seven clubs in attendance, along with Angela McLeod – National President, Carolyn Savage – 1st Vice President and Faye Gardiner – Immediate Past President.

We had three great speakers:
Lesley Tait, Principal of Red Beach School who spoke on Leadership – “What is Leadership etc.”
Bruce Berry, Manager Response – NZ Customs Service who gave us an overview of customs with an eye to the future.
Amanda Bennett, Development Manager at Rangitoto College who, in conjunction with Carolyn Savage ran a workshop on membership.

Each club in attendance presented a “club report” and it was most interesting to hear what other clubs were doing.

We had a great venue (although it proved to be a bit squashed but cosy!), great company, great food and everyone had a great day – what more can I say except….

A huge thank you to our members who helped with the preparation and provided goodies in the way of morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.


Submitted by Jenny Brittain BPW Hibiscus Coast


Central Regional Meeting – August 28th, 2010 hosted by BPW Hawera

The Central Districts Regional Meeting is done and dusted. And what a fabulous time we had. There are so many people to thank…

  • Margie Jones for putting together an awesome set of raffle prizes
  • Jan Martin for welcoming us all as we arrived
  • Christina Bycroft for making sure everyone had registered
  • Amy Skelton for a good day’s work as MC
  • Christina Turner for taking on the official role of ‘next page please’ clicker person.

A special mention too to Brenda Bentley and Barbara Weight who pulled off a marathon day travelling to and from Hawera in same day. Way!
Of course our guest speakers: Mary Bourke (who was fabulous!), Paula Barton, Shona Glentworth, Linda Jefferies, Te Aroha Hohaia and Anita Scott. Thank you.

Our sponsors get a special mention:

  • Harcourts, Lovells Flowers 4 You, Gibson Meads, Paul Jones Construction (Raffle)
  • Peta M Gifts (Raffle)
  • Robertsons Pharmacy, Willo, Excelsior House
  • Cut 7 Dried, Martins Fashions (Raffle)
  • TSB Bank, I-Site Hawera, Tairoa Lodge 7 Cottage, AATEA Solutions, Orange Cat Limited (Kete).

Thank you to all those who were able to be a part of the day. For those who missed out, no worries – be there, possibly in Mana, next year.

Some of the participants at the regional meeting asked for a copy of Mary Bourke’s presentation. For those who were there, you will recall that Mary talked about Life after Local Body Politics.

Right click on this link here, and select ‘Save As’ to download the pdf.
Warning – this pdf is 7.2 MB and there is an image of naked men!

Left to Right: Jan Martin, Linda Jefferies, Te Aroha Hohaia, Wendy Lee, Ann Desmond, Sheryl Wallis, Brenda Bentley, Lyndy Jackson, Anita Scott, Barbara Weight, Rachel Werder, Vanessa Simpson, Jacq Dwyer, Amy Skelton, Linda Morrison, Christina Bycroft, Angela McLeod, Elaine White, Christina Turner, Shona Glentworth
Missing from the photo Paula Barton and Mary Bourke


Midlands Regional Meeting – Saturday 4th September hosted by

BPW Te Puke.

BPW members attended from Huntly, Te Awamutu, KatiKati and Te Puke. Also in attendance were Angela McLeod, National President and Carolyn Savage, 1st Vice-President .

The morning started with the Central Region Meeting and Club Reports. Angela McLeod reported on some of the activities being carried out around Pay Equity, Red Bag Day and Suffrage Day protest. She urged us to support White Ribbon Day activities. She told us how she is able to do quite a bit of lobbying in Parliament as she works there. Club reports were shared.

Mark Boyle conducted a workshop. He and President Erin had put an incredible amount of thought and work into this. The Aim was to find out what young women in business in Te Puke know about BPW and what they see as value to them as business women in the community. Mark had surveyed a large number of women in the community and the results were enlightening and sobering. He found that many women were not aware that such an organisation existing and of those that were, not all had a positive view or understood what we were about. This has certainly given us much food for thought and ideas to work on.

He had arranged a panel of four “young” Te Puke Business Women, none of whom had heard of BPW previously, nor had they done any research since being asked to sit on the panel. We were asked to explain to the panel our vision, what do we want to be. Our mission, why do we exist. Our values, what is important to us. We were encouraged to examine ourselves and sell ourselves to the Panel who knew little about us.

The Panel consisted of Heather Bassett, Gluten Free Catering, Jodie Beattie,

Photographer, Chrissy Atkinson, Bay Homes Manager (building industry), Deb

Primrose, Simply Sorted Unreal Flower Designs. After listening to us the members of the Panel answered the question “What would attract you to BPW?”. The answers will provide a valuable marketing tool for us. At the end of the session all said they were interested to know more about us and perhaps attend a meeting. We will certainly be following them up.

This was a very worth while exercise for all members not just from those from

Te Puke. Mark and Erin are to be thanked for the work they put in preparing the workshop and we will for ever be indebted to the four panellists who spoke frankly and shared their thoughts and ideas with us, giving up their valuable Saturday morning. Over lunch the talk continued with more ideas being exchanged.

Diana O’Brien

Diane Turner Guest Speaker

The guest speaker at the Regional Conference was Diane Turner who is the CEO of Whakatane District Council. She spoke of the several different styles of leadership and the ways of using power – fear, reward, legitimate and inspirational power. Diane believes she uses her strengths – personal integrity and honesty in her job. She talked about the challenges of being a woman in what is traditionally a man’s world.

In her initial appointment to the Council in 1983 when few women held such jobs, she felt she had to work harder to prove to herself and to others that she could do the job Diane showed that women could do a man’s job. Diane explained that she is CEO of what are essentially 42 different activities that operate under the umbrella of the District Council. She loves being able to help others to achieve and encourages people to further their education and gain higher qualifications. Diane Turner is a truly inspirational woman who manages to juggle a high- powered demanding job and family life with her husband and two boys. She was very involved with their sport and was an administrator in both the Cricket and Soccer Clubs the boys are members of.

Jan Craig

Two successful raffles were run. The Club raffle raised $74 and the BPW Nepal Literacy Fund raffle $76. This has been sent to the National Treasurer

Members of the Organising Committee were: Erin Burt, Sue matthews, Jane

Sylvia, Mary Ann Head, Anita Devcich. Congratulations on a job well done.

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