NCWNZ Report

Angela’s NCWNZ Report and Resolutions

NCWNZ Conference report

The NCW national conference was held in Rotorua 30 September-3 October 2010 and was a time of learning, sharing and renewing friendships.   NCW have had a challenging year with the de-registration by the Charities Commission and they have risen to the challenge well.  They have more work to do on this and will need our support, as we have this past year.


Doug Sellman

His key message is that we have a national alcohol crisis – NZ’s heavy drinking culture and if we want a safe and healthy society we need to find the middle ground between excessive commercialisation of alcohol and the prohibition of alchohol.  The fact is, we have 700,000 heavy drinkers in NZ – based on a WHO survey – AUDIT.

Lesley Elliot – Violence Against Women.

Lesley’s main message was to recognise the signs in your daughters when they’re in a destructive relationship and help them before its too late.  Look for signs that he has power and control, if communication is one-sided, aged difference (10years at 22 is a big difference), threats such as: if you like me you’ll…if you don’t do, I’ll…and jealousy things.  You’re lucky you have…  Psychological things like name calling, abusive statements, manipulative behaviour.  One thing Sophie used to say was he’s doing my head in.  The worst time/highest danger is when they’ve just broken up.

She has started a Foundation to raise awareness to young women of signs of abuse.

Chief Coroner Judge Neil MacLean

The coroners credo/motto is to speak for the dead on behalf of the living.

There are more suicides in NZ each year than road deaths and it isn’t mandatory to have an inquest.  There is now debate on how much information should be published and he welcomes this.  Some think that unless parents and friends know about the warning signs and learn from others they are unable to enlist assistance and stop it.  Then there are those worried about copycat suicides.  Now that you have social media and texting, rumours abound and there is a need to freedom of speech in the main press to help stop this too.

Judge MacLean also talked about the fact that still births are not investigated – if the baby takes a breath then dies, then the coroner is involved and if a woman dies in childbirth and a doctor certifies their death then there is no coroner’s inquest either.  Which is a shame if an inquest finds out information to stop death happening in this way in the future


Elderly and Mental Health – main message.  Social contact is important for people over 60 who live on their own.  There is an increased level of well-being when you’re in regular contact with like-minded people and the younger generations.

Bullying – main message.  It’s happening in our school yards and we need to take a whole school approach to its demise.  Parents tell teachers it’s happening.  Keep having conversations with your children so that you know what’s going on in their lives.


Soapbox is a system where one has 2minutes to talk about a pet topic.  There were many different topics from Buying Fairtrade to a school reunion.  I spoke about our Red Bag Day and encouraged NCW to support us with this.  The follow-up is a snippet in the upcoming Circular.


It was great to see many BPW women there and to meet other like-minded women.  The dinner on Saturday night was a great event and to sit with more new women involved with other NOS’s and NCW.  The speakers were three life members and they spoke about how life was for them when they were President of NCW.  Hilarious, warm and fascinating.

As a Nationally Organised Society (NOS) of NCW we feed in to the policy and advocacy work of NCW alongside the work we do on our own.  What this means is, that we can and should, get involved in these processes.  We can do that by being delegates for our clubs at their branch meetings and most of us do that.  We can also be involved, in areas where there are no NCW branches, with their regional consultation groups.  We could be corresponding members on their standing committees.   Take a look at their website for more information:


Thank you.

Angela McLeod





Due to the late arrival of the NCW remits to BPW, we did not have time to circulate them to you all and so at our executive meeting of 18 September we matched policy with each one.  Our policy supported each remit and here they are all below:


Resolution 1: Raising the Alcohol Consuming and Purchasing Age to 20 years

That NCWNZ change its policy to increase the minimum age to 20 years that persons may legally consume alcohol on, or purchase alcohol from, licensed premises.

Supported by our policy: 15.19.3


Resolution 2: Early Intervention Programmes

That  NCWNZ supports intensive, early intervention programmes designed to improve the life chances of children born into families with a history of serious multiple problems over several generations.

Supported by our policy: 12.13, 12.16 and 12.6


Resolution 3: Care for Under – 65 Year olds with a disability

That NCWNZ request the Government to provide appropriate social and medical accommodation for people under 65 years of age, with a disability, needing rest home grade care.

Supported by our policy: 15.8


Resolution 4: Climate Change

That NCWNZ urge the Government to develop further initiatives to prepare New Zealand for the increasing effects of Climate Change.

Supported by our policy: 13.6


Resolution 5: Decline of Oil Production

That NCWNZ urge the Government to develop further initiatives to prepare New Zealand for the increasing effects of the decline of oil production.

Supported by our policy: 13.4


Resolution 6: Child support payments made by self – employed, non – custodial parents

That NCWNZ supports the amendment of the Child Support Amendment Act, so that self-employed, non-custodial parents are assessed on all entities capable of producing income or capital gain, to which they have any access, for their share of child support payments.

Supported by our policy: 17.1 & 17.2


Urgent resolution: this was regarding lowering the blood alcohol limit from 0.08 to 0.05 and BPWNZ seconded it under our new policy passed at the Gisborne conference.  The resolution was passed and once the conference information is circulated we can circulate the final wording.

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