Plan now for RED BAG DAY!

18th FEBRUARY 2011

An early reminder as many clubs do not have a business meeting  in December or January.

This event is a National event and is part of the Aims & Policies of BPW

A great opportunity for publicity for your club.

  • Get coverage in the media.
  • Sell the bags for a profit- minimum cost $3 per bag (plus courier/postal charges)  Each club can add an additional charge if they wish to use this as part of their own fundraising event.
  • Highlight the lack of equal pay. Equal pay for women can raise family income which  means  more money to spend on food, housing & child care.  Single mothers & working families lose thousands of dollars annually to the wage gap.

To order Red Bags contact Colleen Brooker-

I urge all clubs to participate in this project.

Diane Dean,

Project  Convenor





25th November- 10th December

  • Families commission will provide funding for press releases associated with events throughout the country.
  • Will provide the fabric for members to get signed by the public.
  • Selling of White Ribbons – to order or Families Commission.
  • Donating food for motorbike riders  at each destination.
  • Have a   LARGE   white ribbon donated on which signed swatches are attached or sewn together then displayed  in library or local shop

White Ribbon Day the International Day when people wear a white ribbon to show they won’t tolerate, condone or remain silent about violence against women.

I urge your clubs to participate in the event locally.

We can end violence against women.

This project falls under the umbrella of the Aims of BPWNZ through raising awareness of domestic violence.

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