This year has been extremely busy and very rewarding.

The Foundation was formed to give the Liberty of being me its own entity. We were given sponsorship to do this by a law firm in Dunedin.

Christina Berton came back to NZ March/April. The purpose was to launch the Foundation and train 6 facilitators for Mother/daughter workshops, daughters between 8 and 13 yrs.

We now have 4 on the team.

2010 has been a pilot year for us to further understand the impact that this programme has and be able to deliver it in a way that connects with our recipients. The more we deliver the more we understand and gain confidence.

We have completed 6 workshops ourselves and worked with 35 Mothers and 35 daughters, one of the pairing was a father/daughter as the mother was deceased.

The feedback has been very positive and much learnt along the way.

We had a fundraiser at the wise cicada café in October and raised awareness and $600.00 including some donations and a mini auction.

Great connections have been made to follow up for 2012 and we are planning to run 2 workshops per month between March and October.

Christina will be returning on February 25 and be working with us until March 11. This time we will be working on developing what we have achieved, PR and a seminar yet to be arranged.

During this time Christina will be exploring setting up a Father/son programme with 2 very keen male councilors, this is very much a seed at the moment. Watch this space.

What has shown to be really exciting is the way in which the Mothers are realizing how important it is to guide their daughters, as mothers become their daughters mirrors. In today’s busy world our young are needing their mothers to help them in so many ways and time is so limited. The awareness that is happening will truly make a difference in the choices they make.

Christina and Amara have definitely filled a gap. The Auckland women’s community Centre informed me there are no other programmes for this age group here in NZ. If we can help them at this age we will make a difference before the teenage years.

Penny Stevens


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