Nepal Literacy Fund Update

Nepal Literacy Fund

At the recent Asia Pacific Regional Conference, members of the New Zealand delegation, Anita Devcich, Faye Gardiner, Anne Todd and Diana O’Brien, met with the President of BPW Nepal, Ambica Shresthna, to present her with US$3070 for the Nepal Literacy Fund. This generous donation came from Clubs all over New Zealand and has accumulated since Congress 2008 when we last contributed to the fund.

Ambica expressed her gratitude to the New Zealand Federation for their continued support. Our donation will continue to support basic literacy which is an essential skill.  From the basic literacy lessons BPW Nepal have branched out into many programmes helping women to self help and self confidence, giving them skills with which they can earn money. In the past 30 years or so, literacy amongst women in Nepal has grown from about 10% to 45%, and a lot of this is due to the efforts of BPW.

Ambica sent her love and best wishes and also those of the Federation to Pauline Gapper.

(Photo: Faye Gardener, Ambica Shresthna, Diana O’Brien handing over the donation from NZ)

Thank you to all those clubs who have raised funds over the past two years.  Nepal is now producing a newsletter which I hope Ambica will send to me electronically. I will also put the Nepal Country Report on file for Clubs to read.  This could be of particular interest to those Clubs who have raised funds and those thinking of doing so.

Check out the Whangamata Holiday House offer for raising funds. You will find it on the Member Pages of the web site.

Diana O’Brien

Nepal Co-ordinator.

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