BPW International President’s Message

February 2011 Message

Dear Members,

There is lots of action at BPW International!
Registrations are flowing in for our Congress in Helsinki and a big schedule begins in New York on Sunday with the Annual Leaders Summit followed by CSW55. Equal Pay Day awareness programs are underway in many affiliates in addition to our initiatives, Women’s Empowerment Principles “Equality Means Business” and our ICT partnership and focus on “Getting Women into the Global Supply Chain”
BPW International is again leaving its mark at the UN CSW with high level side event workshops arranged by Vice President Freda Miriklis and the New York UN rep team. We have 110 BPW members attending despite the construction restrictions at the United Nations!  Please do visit the website and look at all the activities and initiatives so that you can also be fully informed on all.
Check the Congress webpage for new Information on Congress activities- pre and post yours ( there are wonderful trips arranged that will enhance your Congress experience). Early bird deadlines are fast approaching so don’t lose out on saving some money!  We are entertaining a “silent auction” at congress where affiliates could bring a special gift from their country for auction.
In addition we will have “red purse” auction to recognize our equal pay day activities. All kinds of red bags will be very interesting and special…so look out for one to bring to Congress. Lastly please support our congress with an advertisement of your business in our workbook (Euro 100) so we can view and appreciate all our business women in the world!

Liz Benham
President BPW International 2008-2011



January 2011

Happy New year to all!  Our 80th anniversary this last year was a significant milestone in our organization.  A guiding light for me is always to reflect on the inspirational women from around the world that have gone before us.  “The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving.”
This year brings the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day and there will be many exciting BPW activities and events to celebrate this milestone in New York during UN CSW 55. Registrations are still open for the annual BPW International Leader’s Summit February 20-21  in New York and for the NGO events –so be sure to register online now!
Our International Congress is in Helsinki, June, 17-21 and the registration is now open online. Take advantage of the early bird rates and the airline discounts. This is a Congress not to be missed!
The decisions we make this year at our Congress must serve our organization and women for the future.  Our Constitution which was revised over the years by our collective wisdom has served us well. While we now embark to fulfill a resolution to modernize it, let us all be clear on the impact of the changes that will be made and how it should serve us in today’s world. Consider all of the structural and governance changes to be sure that we will not be making changes just for the sake of change. There is a famous saying ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”.  I would like to remind you that the deadline for sending submissions on the draft of the New Constitution has been extended to January 15th – please ensure that as a member you are fully informed and part of this process so take the time to review, listen, engage and have your say.
Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous 2011!

Liz Benham
President BPW International 2008-2011

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