Young BPW Newsletter

December Newsletter

Christmas Spirit


I would like to start off by

sharing a little personal story with you.

Very recently I have organised a

Christmas party for the foster children

in the Taranaki area.

Well, that is I took the initiative, but WE made it happen. WE – that is my team at work. We approached Child, Youth and Family with the idea and a couple of weeks later we were surrounded by happy children’s faces.

It was a very simple concept; Child, Youth and Family provided us the children’s names, ages, gender and interests and we all bought the presents for these children from our personal budgets. The company I work for financially supported the party (food, drinks and sausage sizzle) and also a financial gift to Child, Youth and Family. It was a huge success. The children had a great time and loved their presents and we got as much and more back as we put in, just by witnessing the joy that our little effort brought to these children.

This time of the year we should all keep our eyes open for opportunities to support our local communities. This doesn’t always have to involve fundraising or other financial burdens.

It can be as simple as this initiative or BPW members buying some Christmas presents for the women in the safe houses.

I’m sure if you look around it won’t be hard to find a good course.

I wish you all a warm and happy Christmas and healthy and prosperous New Year, full of opportunities and challenges!

Warm Regards,

Anita Scott, Young BPWNZ



In 2010 there has been a lot of discussion on National, Regional and Club level about declining membership numbers. Some clubs are actually doing really well, but other clubs have lost members, or have even disappeared.

Learning from clubs that do well, we have seen that those clubs in general do a good job with continuously bringing guest and eventually new members in. The first step to welcoming guests and ultimately new members is making sure these women know that we exists, who we are and what we do.

And this means ACTION for us!

We have to get our name out there. Clubs, make yourself known! Actively invite new members in.

Business and Professional Women

Your network, Your development !


To help you and to get a consistent message out throughout the country, a proposal has been developed that will be shared with the clubs before the end of 2010. It is a marketing proposal that you can choose to use.

A step by step marketing plan is proposed which can be edited to suit your local club’s identity, believes and needs. Poster ideas will be supplied as well; again to be edited to suit your club. Please ask your Club Executive about the proposal. For questions, comments, help or advice, please contact me.

Anita Scott


Posters and Post Cards

On the right is an example of a poster that I have designed. The idea is that you will come up with your own slogans that will motivate the people in your community to join your club. The posters will have photos of real members on them. One that I particularly like for attracting young women  (mothers) is:

“Love the kids, but need intellectual stimulation and adult company?

BPW every month, for networking, great food, advocacy and professional development”


Contact young BPW NZ

Email Anita Scott





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