UN Women NZ (formerly UNIFEM NZ) wishes you all a very happy and successful 2011.  We are delighted with the response to our call for organisations to hold celebratory events across New Zealand.  We now have nearly 50 confirmed events and several more where we are just waiting for final confirmation.

UN Women

On 1 January 2011, UNIFEM NZ became UN Women Aotearoa New Zealand, to be consistent with the change at the UN from UNIFEM to UN Women.   UN Women also came into being on 1 January but will not be formally launched until later in the year.  Attached is the interim logo which you may want to use on publicity material.

Theme for International Women’s Day

We now have the international theme for International Women’s Day 2011.  It is Equal access to education, training and science and technology: pathway to decent work for women. There is no compulsion to use the theme, but it may be a useful guide for speakers or when choosing a speaker.  It fits well with the national theme of Celebrate, reflect, inspire by providing focus on a particular area of women’s human rights.

International website

There is an international website at which has some useful information and where you may like to consider registering your event. Alternatively I will be happy to do it for you – just email me the details if you haven’t already done so.  Events are registered by country, and at present the greatest number in any country is 35 events.  As we may well have over 50 New Zealand events, we could be top of the table!

UN Women NZ material

Attached is an order form for UN Women NZ material.  We have a limited number of UNIFEM or UN posters on themes of women’s human rights which can be supplied on a first come, first served basis.  New ones will not be available until after the launch of UN Women, which will be too late for International Women’s Day.  Also attached are two posters or flyers produced by UN Women NZ.  You may like to print some for your use, or alternatively we can supply them in A3 or A4 sizes.

Order forms must reach me by 16 February and orders will be dispatched during the week beginning 21 February.  If you need posters or other material earlier, please let me know as soon as possible. Unless you are requesting Tshirts and badges on a sale or return basis (see form for details), please either send a cheque with your order or make a deposit directly to the UN Women NZ bank account number 03 0518 0161116 00 with IWD and your organisation’s name as an identifier.

If you are considering offering Tshirts for sale, I suggest you order a sample selection for display and take orders.  We can send the Tshirts direct to the purchasers as soon as we receive the orders (and payment).

And a reminder that details of your event must be submitted to me by 30 January if you would like it listed in the UN Women NZ newsletter.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the details settled as long as the information includes contact details for enquiries and bookings.

Further information

Further information including messages from national and international dignitaries will be sent out closer to 8 March.  In the meantime please contact me by email or on 06 362 6332 or 021 896 020 if I can be of any assistance or if you need more information.

Liz Brown

IWD Event Co-ordinator

UN Women Aotearoa New Zealand National Committee

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