Christchurch Earthquake – messages of Support

Please note:  President Angela McLeod personally replies to each message….

Good Morning Angela,
We have been watching on television the devastation caused by the earthquake.  The aftermath of this disaster, with aftershocks, must be taking a terrible toll on the nerves of the people.
I have been through a bushfire, and as terrifying as that is it can be rebuilt far easier.
I know human beings are very resilient, and New Zealanders especially, will, with the help and support of many nations get their lives back in order.
I extend through you the best wishes and prayers of the members of B.P.W. South Australia.
Kindest Regards,
Valerie Bonython,
President, B.P.W. South Australia.
To all our fellow members at BPW Christchurch:


BPW Llandudno, North Wales, UK would like to send our  commiserations to you all on the terrible news regarding the recent earthquake. We were shocked to hear of the devastation to your beautiful city. A number of our members have visited Christchurch and remember it as being a lovely part of New Zealand and to see the pictures of the destruction that has been reeked was awful.
Please let us know if there is anything we can do in any way to make things easier for your members and please pass on our good wishes and the hope that things get back to normal as soon as possible. 

Kind regards

Lynda Hall
International Co-ordinator

Good afternoon Chris

Please convey my thanks to BPW NZ and International members for the messages of concern that have been forwarded to us in Christchurch.
It will be a slow process getting back to normal for families and businesses.  We are lucky to now have power and water although no sewage system yet.

The next important thing for our family is to get back to school to normalise life for children.  Briarna has moved to Timaru to go to school for the next couple of weeks.  We especially thank the families and schools that have welcomed our children.  Being a secondary school teacher myself not only are we worrying about family but the students who are looking for NCEA qualifications this year – they are stressed even further and support for them emotionally and with studying will be vital when we get back into the classrooms.

Once again please pass my thanks to everyone.  We are safe.  Kia Kaha.
Robyn Davison
BPW NZ Individual Member

Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 21:16:57 +1300

To all BPW members out there.

Thank you for all your concerns only now after the four day 20% of us have not got power or water .People are getting quiet stress about this it is only   natural .However the sewage is a problem it will not be right for quiet a few months . Some people are leaving Christchurch for a little holiday but others are in it for the long term rebuild . Its the old saying you do not  no what so good until you can not have it .Like a shower or bath we have been told to conserve water . But most people are looking after each other well.

Thankyou for your concern
Past President of BPW Christchurch
Lynnette Ellis

Hi Ange

You and our NZ members have been much in our thoughts since we found out about the devastating shock of the past week.

There will no doubt be ramifications to your nation in the coming years as NZ begins to rebuild.

The human endurance and spirit of the people will prevail and give strength to a nation that we hold so dear.

Warm wishes to you and our members of the New Zealand Federation.


Dear President Angela;
All our suppurt from Africa.
Dear God Bless you and your Members and you have our Prayers.

Africa Regional Coordinator 2008-2011
> BPW International

Hello, I hope this is getting through to Angela McLeod as president of BPW in New Zealand.
My name is Sue and I am the national president of BPW in the UK. We have all been so shocked to hear of the tragedy in Christchurch that I felt I must write to offer you our sympathy and support in these dire days. I realise that you live some way away in the North Island, but even so I know there is a club in Christchurch and fear for the safety of those there. Please will you pass on our condolences as many will no doubt have known those who died and may themselves be affected by this awful event.
My home club of Morpeth is actually twinned with BPW Warkworth and so feel sure they too will need to know the whole of the Uk are thinking of you all.
I spent a little time in Christchurch and remember it with great affection. On a personal level it is always chilling to realise that I stayed in the hotel that is collapsing and walked the streets which have virtually disappeared. I am sure though that BPW New Zealand women are strong women and that the town will rise again. Please let us know here in the UK how things are going and pass on our love to everyone affected.
Best wishes, Sue

Sue Ashmore President BPW UK Ltd

Dear Angela,

On behalf of North America and Caribbean members, I would like to say that we were shocked to hear of the earthquake and hope that the worst is over for you and the members.

I have just arrived in Jamaica and the members here send their prayers as well.

Warmest regards,

Jill Worobec

Regional Coordinator

North America/Caribbean

Angela McLeod
Just had a call from the previous president of BPW Christchurch. All is well with her, Linda, Judith and Trish. No water or power but well. It was lovely to hear from her.

Karen Nankervis that’s great news, thanks for sharing.

Sabine Osmanovic Thanks for sharing. Good to hear that they are ok.

Sue Calhoun Thanks for the update, Angela. Nice to know everyone is safe.

Valéria de Oliveira Good news!

Dear President Angela,

My thoughts and prayers are with you and the New Zealand members during this difficult time.

Kindest Regards,


Sujey Albert
Finance Director 2008-2011
BPW International

Dear Angela

I have heard of the earthquake news,  I send my deepest sympathy to you all from Mexico and on behalf of the Latin American BPW members

You and your members are in our prayers.

Warm regards.


Dr. Yasmin Darwich

Regional Coordinator, Latin America
and Spanish Speaking Caribbean .

From: marilyn.forsythe

Hi Angela

I cannot imagine what it must be like in New Zealand present as I
watched part of the news coverage during the day and it reduced me to
tears. I know that our members will want to do something principally
through BPW New Zealand. Can you let me know if BPW Zealand sets up an


Dear Angela
> I have heard of the
> earthquake news,  I send my deepest sympathy to you all from Mexico
> and on behalf of the Latin American BPW members
> You and your members are in our
> prayers.
> Warm regards.
> Yasmin
> Dr. Yasmin Darwich
> Regional
> Coordinator, Latin America
> and Spanish Speaking Caribbean .

Dear Angela, Yamin,
Thank you Angela for your news about members in Christchurch and thank
you Yasmin for your thoughts and prayers from Mexico.

Young Hai

Dear President Angela,

We have been heavily engaged with the Leaders Summit and CSW In New York and have not been able to watch television.

I just found out today about the earthquake in New Zealand

On behalf of myself , 2nd Vice President Freda Miriklis and the remaining executive board members who have not corresponded we wish to express our concern to those affected by this disaster.

We know that all the BPW sisters worldwide especially those in Haiti and Pakistan join us in thinking about you.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with you and all the members in New Zealand during this difficult time.

With Kind Regards

Liz Benham

International President 2008-2011

From: Gabriella Canonica ¦ 1st Vice President BPW International
Dear Angela

I did receive your first and second message, thank you very much.
Still the pictures on TV are showing the great disaster and makes me very concerned, thinking of all the sorrow in your country.
Please accept again my deepest thoughts.
Warm regards

Dear Angela,

I am in New York, busy with tight schedule, especially for tomorrow with
my workshop on migrant women issues. My prayers are with you and all
other members.

With regards,
Young Hai

Dear Angela – how are you?

Does Christchurch have a BPW group?

Our Central Coast club is having the International Candle Lighting function on March 14.  We always have a raffle of an International “Flavour” and donate the funds raised.

We would like to donate the $$ to the Chch earthquake victims and can give it to you in person at the Auckland conference on April 2.  We will leave it to your discretion how it should be distributed but I do remember fundraising for the likes of Sarajevo and the women have needed products such as personal toiletries, anything to give them some confidence back – what do you think?

All the very best for NZ – lots of tears are being shed here as I feel quite helpless.

Have a lovely day in The Coolest Little Capital in the World!

Barbara Hunter


BPW Central Coast


Many, many thanks.  NZ is such a small place and we will all shed a tear at some stage

We currently have one individual member and I have managed to contact three members of our former Christchurch club.  They have only recently gone in to recess and whilst we don’t have a club – we have to support them.

We are waiting to see what is needed after the search and rescue teams have done their bit and so by the time of conference we will have a plan.

Thanks so much for your support and thanks too for your thoughts and prayers.

We will hug each other on April 2nd

Angela McLeod
President BPW NZ

Dear Angela

The news about Christchurch is terrible as I just heard the 65 people are dead. Anything and I mean anything that BPW Australia can do for you please let know.

Our hearts are with you


Marilyn Forsythe

BPW Australia President

Many thanks Marilyn.

It really is quite devastating and of course we are saturated with constant news.  I have been in contact with four of our BPW sisters in Christchurch and they are all okay and keeping in touch with each other.

At this point we are waiting to hear the next steps once search and rescue have done their bit.  Then we will know what we can do.

Thanks ever so much for thinking of us and I will keep in touch.

Kindest regards

Angela McLeod
President BPW NZ

Gillian Lewis
Our love and thoughts are with you all – Gillian BPW South Australia. What can we do please – let Marilyn and any of us know.

Susana Reich Scorssone

With all my heart goes out to those who have suffered from the recent earthquake.
I want the pain and loss are the least possible.

Subject: New Zealand Earthquake

Dear Angela & BPW NZ Members
I am so very saddened by the devastation that has occurred in Christchurch
My thoughts and prayers are with you, your members and your loved ones during these troubled times.
Kindest Regards

Susan M Jones
Oceania Sub Regional Coordinator, 2008-2011

Many thanks Susan.

It really is quite devastating for such a small country as ours – there will be many affected in our wider communities and whänau.  I reiterate Chris’s email – we really do appreciate your concern for us.

We will keep in touch

Kindest regards

Angela McLeod

President BPW NZ

Morning Chris,

I am pleased to hear that the CHCH ladies are ok.  We have been thinking about help we can offer and have registered with Housing NZ to take on anyone who needs or wants to leave the area.  The phone number to register is 0800 435 700.  Maybe that could go out to all our members with encouragement to register any free rooms or homes we have.

I also wondered if you were able to extend the invitation via those CHCH ladies to contact me if they or someone they know wants to get out for a while.  I have 2 smallish rooms with lots of warmth and love in a rural area, if anyone wants to take advantage.  I would be happy to contribute a couple of the $50 airfares as well if that was needed to facilitate departure.


Erin Burt

Te Puke

Bay of Plenty

Subject: my deepest sympathy

I am incredibly saddened by the news of the earthquakes and the devastation caused to so many

I can only hope all of your loved ones and BPW members are safe from harm

Not that I can do anything of consequence but to say my thoughts and prayers are with all of you

I know that we have a couple of New Zealanders here at CSW and while I don’t have their contact details, I do send them my support and will do whatever asked to help them – please let them know

With warmest thoughts and concern


Judith van Unen

Director / Joint CEO

Justice Equality Rights Access International Ltd

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2 Responses to Christchurch Earthquake – messages of Support

  1. Diana Edmonds says:

    Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Sympathies and condolences to those who have lost loved ones and courage to those who are planning their next steps – whether to stay or go the decision will be the right one for you. We will all be thinking of you as you make your decisions and repair your lives.
    Holidays in Northland for those who need to get away and I am sure many people will welcome you with open arms.
    It is a very tough time but WE will get through this and Christchurch will be rebuilt.
    Love and best wishes from
    Diana Edmonds – (President) and all Whangarei BPW Branch Members

  2. Paatsy Thornton President Douobtless Bay BPW says:

    All club members and myself are deeply saddened by the devastation and trauma you are undergoing at this terrible time. We are only too happy to offer assistance by providing hospitality should you require a break away.
    Thinking of you all at this sad time.
    Patsy Thornton
    President Doubtless Bay BPW

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