Christchurch Earthquake – Angela’s Message

A Message from President Angela McLeod
Tena koutou
Re: Christchurch
Our Christchurch BPW sisters are doing well.  I spoke with Lyn Ellis yesterday and Robyn Davidson today.  They are coping and thinking of their next moves.

Robyn and her family are lucky as they have a well, so they have water and now that the supermarket is open they were able to stock up on the essentials.
Lyn is back at work and was going to email us all with her update – please keep an eye out for it.

We have had many wonderful emails of support from around the world and they all send their thoughts and prayers.  BPW International President Liz Benham and Vice President Freda Miriklis, Vice President Gabriella Canonica and Executive Secretary Dr Jean Murray all have emailed us.  Young Hai Park, Asia Pacific Regional Co-ordinator; Susan Jones, Oceania Co-ordinator; Jill Worobec, Regional Co-ordinator North America; Yasmin Darwich, Regional Co-ordinator South America; Judith van Unen, Past President of BPW Australia, Sue Ashmore President BPW UK and Marilyn Forsyth President BPW Australia,  and Barbara Hunter, BPW Central Coast have also emailed us.

I have also had best wishes expressed on my Facebook page from other BPW women throughout the world – from North America, Argentina and Europe.

We are well-loved and I have said to all of them on behalf of BPW NZ that we really appreciate their kind words, thoughts and prayers.

We realise that New Zealand is such a small place and we will all be affected in some way.  We know that there are many of us who have family, friends and colleagues in Christchurch.  I wish  to convey to you, on behalf of BPW NZ, our best wishes, support and love.

If there is any support you need from us, and I mean anything, please do not hesitate to contact Executive Secretary, Chris Turner on, or me at

Angela McLeod

PresidentNew Zealand Federation of Business and Professional Women

PO Box 28 326,

RemueraAuckland 1541

H: +64 528 2288 | C: +64 27 497 2761 |  S: mamabear4266E: | W:

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