Clubs Around the Country – BPW Whangarei

BPW Whangarei celebrates International Red Bag Day 18th February 2011

A Pay Gender Gap in New Zealand?  Yes, even today, when men receive a $20 note women receive 12% less and their portion is only $17.60.

So why was the Pay and Employment Equity Unit disestablished on 30th June 2009 well before equity existed between our male and female counterparts?

This is one of the issues that BPW organisations are addressing in the USA, Australia and Germany and our local BPW Whangarei members are no exception.   Their yellow banner and red bags could be seen fluttering in the Cameron St Mall on Friday as they set about raising awareness of the gender pay gap in support of the pay Equity Coalition which is chaired by Angela McLeod, president of BPW New Zealand.

“We have come long way from the days when women salespeople were paid more for selling men’s clothes than they were paid for selling women’s clothes in the same department store,” says BPW Whangarei’s Vice President Noell de Zoete, “but we are not there yet.”

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