Dianne Glenn – Inaugural Margery Toulson Scholarship Winner

Dianne Glenn – Margery Toulson Scholarship winner 2009

“Past President of BPW Franklin and BPW NZ, and winner of the inaugural Margery Toulson Scholarship (2009), Dianne Glenn is now seeing fruition of Board training that she has been undertaking. The Ministry of Women’s Affairs Nomination Service has been nominating Dianne for board appointments and her recent appointment to the Auckland Conservation Board is the first to be confirmed. It takes up to 6 months for some appointments, making it a waiting game, whereby you have almost forgotten you have been nominated.”


Dianne Glenn, for twelve years the Auckland Regional Councillor representing Franklin and Papakura, has recently been appointed to the Auckland Conservation Board. In contrast to her previous governance role, this one is an advisory role to the Department of Conservation and the New Zealand Conservation Authority, providing for interaction between the public and the Department at conservancy level. The Auckland Conservation Board is one of 13, each with a defined geographical boundary coinciding with each conservancy boundary, the Auckland one being similar to the Auckland Council in the north and in the south, it runs from Port Waikato (on the west coast) to Miranda (Firth of Thames).

A board’s focus is on policy issues, strategic direction and planning, not day-to-day operational details of the Department’s work. A major responsibility of each board is overseeing the implementation of the Conservation Management Strategy (CMS) for its region and any national park management plan. The CMS implements general policies and establishes objectives for the integrated management of natural and historical resources, (including any species managed by the Department), and for recreation, tourism and other conservation purposes.

Dianne was inducted on Tuesday 1 February which included a briefing on the Auckland Conservation Management Strategy, which is currently in a “mock-up” form, ready for input from the Board members of which there are twelve. It is envisaged that in future there will be more consistency between the 13 Conservancies, with a new approach of being simpler, more concise, strategic and based on “place” rather than “functions”.

Dianne is excited about the development of this CMS and sees much of the work she undertook in strategic planning, policy development and environmental management as a Regional Councillor, and her knowledge of both the 40,000 hectares of Auckland regional parkland and the 38,000 hectares of the Auckland conservation estate, as being extremely helpful over her term on the Board. “I am also sure that my community networks will provide valuable input during the consultation phase of the development of the CMS”, she said.


CONTACTS:   Dianne Glenn, 59 East Street, Pukekohe. 2120

09 238 5352  and 0274 284 779



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