BPW Franklin – New Life Member

Presentation of BPW Franklin Life Membership

Virginia Warren, BPW(F)

Founding Member: 1984 to present

Photo:   Virgina Warren, BPW Franklin’s new life member, with Dianne Glenn.

President’s Note:

It was a pleasure to award this Life Membership to Virginia Warren for her continued support and active promotion of BPW Franklin in our community over the past 26 years. BPW Franklin is very privileged to have two dynamic women such as Virginia and Dianne Glenn who each in their way continue to promote BPW on all professional levels and are mentors and leaders for all women.

Virgina says:

“A very big thank you for the huge honour you bestowed on me at the dinner meeting last month in making me a life member of BPW Franklin. I was quite blown away by the recognition and couldn’t believe my ears and eyes when I walked into the room (after Gail had taken me out side for a chat about next years conference) I couldn’t think why you were all standing up and clapping when I came in. I thought it was something to do with a decision you had made when we were out and I had just missed the process!

I certainly don’t feel I do anything more than the rest of you, who all make the club vibrant and interesting and each one of the club members is a joy to sit next to at each dinner and you all have great ideas. Forward BPW Franklin!

Thank you, thank you, thank you”

“BPW members always remember to be kind”

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