BPW International – Constitutional Reform Taskforce

A Message from the Chair of the Constitutional Advisory Committee and the Chair of Constitutional Reform Taskforce



Affiliates and members, be ready to contribute to the future of BPW International at Congress.  Make sure you, your President and your Executives are familiar with the proposed new modern Constitution and Regulations and ensure your delegates will be ready to vote on them.


Dr Jean Murray explains the draft Constitution


The Constitutional Reform documents have been circulated to the Board of Directors and are accessible in English, French, Italian and Spanish on the Congress web page.  They include the background and explanation of the Constitutional Reform, the proposed implementation plan, the draft Constitution and Regulations highlighting matters for voting at Congress and separate Constitutional Amendments for each matter for voting.  We encourage Affiliates to read the explanation, review the draft Constitution and Regulations, and discuss the Constitutional Amendments with their members so you are ready to vote at Congress on each of the matters highlighted.


The Constitutional Advisory Committee has prepared 7 Constitutional Amendments that address matters such as voting arrangements where submissions from affiliates and members did not reach a consensus.  Each Constitutional Amendment presents both the current arrangements and the proposed arrangements.  The rationale for each option is taken from the submissions and summarises the reasons given by members for supporting or not supporting each proposed change.  There are supporting documents, including Resolution 26, on the Constitutional Reform page at http://bpw-international.org/about-bpw/constitutional-review-and-reform .

A Pre-Congress Constitution Forum will be held on the morning of Friday 17 June in Helsinki, before the regional meetings.  Please make sure that your delegates attend this.  The Forum is an opportunity to answer questions and clarify concerns before the Constitution and Regulations are debated and voted at Congress.  However, if your members have concerns or questions, please send them to us by email so we can address them before Congress.



Anne Todd-Lambie, Chair, Constitutional Advisory Committee

E-Mail: constitution-advisory@bpw-international.org


Dr Jean Murray, Chair, Constitutional Reform Taskforce

E-Mail: constitution.review@bpw-international.org



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