Vice Regal Reception for launch of UN Women New Zealand

Un Women NZ

Photo of the UN Women Auckland Committee (all BPW NZ members) with the Governor General – from left to right – Secretary Colleen Brooker, Treasurer Maureen Eardley-Wilmot, the Governor General, Sir Anand Satyanand, and President Faye Gardiner.”

“A vice regal reception was held at Government House in Auckland on International Women’s Day to honour 100 years of UNIFEM in New Zealand and to launch it’s successor, UN Women. The very successful event was organised by UN Women Auckland and hosted by Their Excellencies, Sir Anand Satyanand and Lady Susan Satyanand, who are co-patrons of UN Women in New Zealand. Amongst the 130 people who attended on the beautiful fine warm afternoon were representatives of 14 NGO’s, 9 Colleges/High Schools, 2 Banks, Auck University, AUT and Auckland City Council. Their Excellencies addressed the gathering, separately and in unison ( ! ), and the Minister of Women’s Affairs, Hon. Hekia Parata and the Vice President of UN Women NZ, Liz Brown, both gave messages of congratulation and support for the future of UN Women. The music played, the sun shone, and we all mixed and mingled while Their Excellencies circulated through the crowd.”


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