Angela’s Valedictory Speech, Conference 2011

Many thanks for the experience, I worked hard.

I used my position, both geographically and employment, to raise the profile of BPW NZ.

I hope that I can continue this.

My media background, networking ability, relationship building skills and knowledge of parliamentary process has put BPW NZ back on the map.  Not since the early 90s have we had that and soon it will start translating in to members.

We are now asked to comment on issues:

  1. the latest NEXT magazine is evidence of that.  I was interviewed for the story on pay equity and the journalist said that she had contacted Sarah Davies of YWCA who told her “you need to speak to Angela McLeod of BPW, she knows about that”  And she did and we had really good coverage in a well-written story.
  2. When I met with the Minister recently and Minister it’s my turn to tell a story from our meeting, she looked me in the eye and said, now BPW is leading the discussion on pay equity – what’s the solution?  I told her 🙂

We can’t lose the advocacy profile we have; we owe it to ourselves and the women we represent.

We also owe it to ourselves to be honest with each other, treat each other with respect and therefore the women we represent.

I encourage you all to continue working for women and to live by the collect that we read at each meeting.

Hoatu te mana

Ki a rätou kua tae mai nei ki tënei whenua

Kua wheturangitia i te korowai o Ranginui kua hangaia I tënei kïtanga hoki

Give credit and recognition to those who came to this land, to those who have departed and are adorned as stars in the heavens, to those who built this tikanga also.

Kia kaha tuahine, kia hiwa ra!

Angela McLeod

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One Response to Angela’s Valedictory Speech, Conference 2011

  1. Sue Calhoun says:

    Good work, Angela! I’m the immediate past president of BPW Canada, and what I tried to do as well was build momentum and excitement among members about the organization, to build recognition and credibility in the public forum, to build respect among our peers as well as politicians. Sounds like you’ve done that! Good job! If I ever visit New Zealand, I’d love to get together sometime. warm regards, sue

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