BPW NZ wins Third Place in International Awards

B PW International “Power to Make a Difference through Advocacy” Awards – Excellent Advocacy for Women:

1st Place:    BPW Germany,  “Equal Pay Day Campaign”

2nd Place:    BPW Australia,  “Equal Pay Alliance”

3rd Place:    BPW New Zealand,  “Pay and Employment Equity, Domestic Violence, Gender Equity”

Submission for this Award – by Angela McLeod, President BPWNZ 2009-2010

Our major advocacy work has been the Gender Pay Gap


Red Bag Day 2010 L to R: Angela McLeod, President; Barbara Weight, Executive Secretary, and the Walking Bus marshall. 

2008: Soon after the election, the new Government announced that it was disbanding the Pay and Employment Equity Unit at the Department of Labour.  BPWNZ and other concerned women’s groups including the unions and Rural Women joined together to express their dismay.

2009: The unit closed on 30 June 2009 and we organized a rally on the steps of Parliament.  This rally was so successful that we formed a coalition to continue with pressure on the government and educate New Zealanders about pay and employment equity.


The name of the Coalition is: Pay Equity Challenge Coalition and our president, Angela McLeod was voted as the Chair and Spokesperson.


September 2009: The Coalition was launched on Suffrage Day (Fri 18 Sept – Suffrage Day is 19 Sept) with a High Tea on the steps of Parliament with some of us dressed up in period costume.  Our gender pay gap is 12% per hour worked and we had a cake with 12% missing.


November 2009: The Coalition organized a rally to highlight the gender pay gap on November 18 – it was called Work for Free Day because with the gender pay gap at 12%, women were effectively working for free until the end of the year.


February 2010: BPWNZ launched their first Equal Pay Day – Red Bag Day – on February 18 with the support of the Coalition.  Two clubs had extensive local media coverage; BPW Southland and BPW Upper Hutt.  Other members of the Coalition organized events throughout New Zealand.



Red Bag Day Highlights Shameful Pay Inequality | Scoop News

18 Feb 2010 Red Bag Day is something that all Kiwis should be supportive of says Charles Chauvel, Labour List MP based in the Ohariu electorate.
www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PA1002/S00251.htm  – CachedSimilar

Red Bag Day – Pay Equity | New Zealand Council of Trade Unions …

18 Feb 2010 Red Bag Day, established in 1988, draws national and international attention to the wage disparity between women and men and women of colour

The Hand Mirror: Support Red Bag Day on February 18

16 Feb 2010 Red Bag Day: Red for Red Figures in Women’s Handbags! February 18, 2010. This day, established in 1988, draws national and international

BPW New Zealand | NZ Federation of Business and Professional Women …

29 Oct 2010 Upper Hutt; Southland. Projects Convenor – Diane Dean: …. I spoke about our Red Bag Day and encouraged NCW to support us with this.

May 2010: BPWNZ approached for comment on whether women CEO’s are paid more:   http://payequity.wordpress.com/2010/05/17/106/


30 June 2010: The Coalition commiserated that the Gender Pay and Employment Equity had not improved, a year on from the Pay and Employment Unit being closed at the Department of Labour.  The Minister had said in Parliament that she would leave no stone unturned in closing the Gender Pay Gap so the Coalition used that as the theme.

Coverage:  – Protestors push for equal payGovt and Greens at odds over gender pay gapNZPA imagesScoop Images: Pay Equity Leave “No Stone Unturned”

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