BPW Hawera

BPW Hawera Member earns clubs first key!

By Rachel Werder, BPW Hawera

At our June meeting, the club congratulated Anita Scott on earning her Bronze Key under the Keys To Achievement (KTA) Program.


Anita has actually also completed the work to achieve Silver Level status and the club eagerly awaits the delivery of the actual pin to be passed to Anita.


Anita joined BPW in 2009 and began work on the KTA program soon after in 2010.  Anita is the Vice President of BPW Hawera and also the Young BPW Convenor for both Hawera and New Zealand.  After speaking with her, she advises that because of her active involvement in the club and the organisation as a whole, the tasks were easily achievable and she is really enjoying the program.


Anita is well on her way to achieving her gold KTA status having now completed four of the tasks required.


Each level of Bronze, Silver and Gold has 12 tasks each, 10 of which should be completed and signed off by your Club President to obtain your competency.


The program has a really handy guidebook and our club Co-Ordinator Helen Cook is readily available to assist with questions or ideas about how to come up with an original, creative solution for each task.


BPW Hawera now has 9 active KTA members who meet quarterly to share progress and success and to guide each other through the process.


Once accreditation certificates have been issued for a completed level, members are entitled to use one of the three post nominals after their name.


So……Anita Scott, BPW (P), we commend you!





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