BPWNZ President’s Message

June 2011

At the time of writing this report, BPW NZ Executive had just finished its Strategic Planning and Executive meeting.  It was a time for members to discuss openly any issues or concerns they had, the direction they would like to see BPW NZ take and to identify the different perspectives and viewpoints held.  It was a time to reflect on what had happened at conference, the comments received, and the different experiences and how we as an Executive consisting of both Officers and Convenors can work together in a positive environment.  Our strength is our ability to unite, to take the rough with the smooth and find the diamonds in the dross.  So I am pleased to report that all members left with a direction for the future and a purpose as a team.


It provided the opportunity to review the current strategic overview and to create an action plan.  Is this document complete, were all the boxes ticked or objectives met?  The first steps were made and it provides the opportunity for members to develop new objectives and direction for inclusion into a document for review at conference next year.


There were some specific items that were highlighted:

  • The website, how the Executive would like to see it developed but more importantly what members would like to see and what it should contain, therefore an online survey will be sent to all clubs and their members to participate.  Your input is what will make this a success.
  • Current website will be updated and include an “Executive Overview”, prepared by the President after each Executive meeting to give you a glimpse of the work being undertaken.
  • The Executive have a vision for the direction of BPW NZ, but needs input from clubs and members to ensure that we have correctly interpreted your wishes.  We would appreciate your ideas over the next few months.
  • Some exciting new projects have been developed by two of our smaller clubs, these could be taken up by any club in the country, opening the doors to new members and providing other ways for members to network within their community.  Watch this space for their stories.
  • We have once again set up your club liaisons (see in newsletter), please get in touch with them as another link to the Executive.


To finish in the words of Beverly Stills, American Opera Singer “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”


Warmest regards,

Carolyn Savage, BPW(F)

BPW NZ President

Email: president@bpwnz.org.nz, or carolyn.bpw@xtra.co.nz



President’s Diary:

  • 18 May:     BPW NZ Congress Skype conference
  • 20/21 May:          NZIA Architectural Conference
  • 20 May:     Rural Women Official Opening and Awards 2 – 5pm
  • 25 May:     BPW Franklin Dinner Meeting
  • 9/24 June:           BPWI  Congress, Helsinki
  • 14 July:     BPW Doubtless Bay
  • 23 July:     BPW Northland Regional Meeting
  • 24 July:     BPW Kerikeri Mid Winter Luncheon
  • 30 July:     BPW Whangarei 25th Birthday Celebrations
  • 5 August:   Meetings in Wellington
  • 6 August:   Executive Committee Meeting
  • 21 August: BPW Upper Hutt 25th Birthday Celebrations


May 2011

To begin I extend my warmest thanks to all who elected me as your new President, the response and emails received from you all have been fantastic.  It is both an honour and privilege to represent you and I would like to reinforce my intentions that if you have any questions or issues do not hesitate to contact me.  Thanks are extended to the members of the Executive Committee 2010, a special welcome to the Executive Committee 2011 and to our new Vice Presidents, 1st VP – Membership, Lyndy Jackson and 2nd VP – Issues, Noeline Reisch.  Both provide skills and knowledge to further develop their portfolios for the benefit of BPW NZ.  I congratulate all the women who have been elected, see introductions in this newsletter.

At the time of preparing this report, school holidays were underway with Easter and ANZAC both on the calendar.   These events are remembered in different ways and it is certainly a time to remember “Kiwi women who held down the fort while their men were away fighting in WWII have been largely forgotten – until now.  New Zealand film-maker Gaylene Preston’s latest film…… show just how heroic the women on the home front were.  “Heroes are found in unexpected places. They are found in the kitchen and on the bulldozers,” Ms Preston says.http://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/local-news/east-bays-courier/4910075/Film-features-war-women

The combined skills and co-operation of women has ensured the success of BPW NZ and following leaders of the past preparation for our Strategic Planning & Executive meeting is underway (14/15th May,Franklin).  It will review achievements of the Strategic Overview (updated 2008), what still requires achieving and setting new objectives for the next five years.  Conference 2012 we can present this to you all and invite additional input for the future of BPW NZ.

The President’s diary is included highlighting key events.  Regrettably I’ve declined one event, will be attending the BOD meeting in Helsinkithe same day!  Congratulations BPW NZ achieving 3rd Place for BPW Power to Make a Difference through Advocacy…: “Pay and Employment Equity, Domestic Violence, Gender Equity”.

With the General Elections being announced for November 2011 and a referendum tabled on MMP we want members to be informed, therefore links to articles on different voting systems will be included.  Clubs are invited to host educational meetings for their members and communities, e.g. BPW Tamaki host an excellent “Meet the Candidates Evening”

At conference I introduced the development of a Membership Task Force.  The invitation is to have at least one member from every club to be a part of the task force.  This is open to every member of BPW NZ, from Life Members, Past Presidents, Club Members to Individual members.  How the Membership Task Force will develop, what the intended aims and goals are will first be reviewed on 14th May, BUT, it will be fluid and it is the input of every member which will help it to develop and grow.

Warmest regards,

Carolyn Savage, BPW(F)

BPW NZ President

Email:  president@bpwnz.org.nz, orcarolyn.bpw@xtra.co.nz

President’s Diary:

27th April:     BPW Franklin Dinner Meeting

29th April:     BPW Hibiscus Coast Scholarship Dinner

3rd May:       BPW Franklin Committee Meeting

7th May:       BPW Hawera 25th Birthday Celebrations

14/15th May: BPW NZ Strategic Planning & Executive Meeting

20/21st May:           NZIA Architectural Conference

9th/24th June:         BPW NZ – Helsinki Congress

24th July:      BPW Kerikeri Luncheon

30th July:      BPW Whangarei Candle-lighting & 25th Birthday Celebrations.

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