I Need your Help!


I need your help to grow Young BPW

Last weekend (14/15th of May) we had our strategic planning meeting and first executive meeting with the new BPW NZ executive members and convenors. It was a full-on weekend, but we did get lots done. It was very nice to meet up with the new faces and I got home with lots of fresh ideas and energy to interest more young women in joining our beautiful clubs and federation.

I am in the process of updating the young BPW database and so far have names on the list from the following clubs:

• Gisborne (7)

• Hawera (8)

• Franklin (2)

• Upper Hutt (2)

• Auckland (2)

If you are a young member (that is 35 years or younger) of another club or your club has more young members than indicated above, please send me your details otherwise you are going to miss out on the young BPW communications.

I am currently working on my plan for the year to make sure that the clubs and federation are meeting our young members’ expectations so they stay and will also work towards higher membership of young women and an overall decrease of average age throughout the federation.

The focus will be on how to get young women to join the clubs where there are no young BPW members. Once a club has got two or three, it becomes a lot easier to get more.

Young members: please bring your friends and young colleagues and family members. Older members: please bring along your (grand) daughters, nieces, young colleagues and friends and try to organise this within the club, so you’ll have several younger guests come in at the same time.

I would love to hear what you’ve tried in the past to attract young women to your club and what worked and what didn’t work (and most important; why?).

Any ideas are welcome, so young or old please email me your thoughts.

I’ll be in touch!


Anita Scott

Email me at youngbpw@bpwnz.org.nz


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