Angela McLeod – New PR for BPW International

Angela McLeod:

New PR Manager of BPW International


President Freda Miriklis is delighted to announce that Angela McLeod has been  appointed Public Relations Manager of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International).

Angela McLeod is the Immediate Past President of BPW New Zealand and was instrumental in increasing the profile of the New Zealand Federation through the media and collaborations with other like-minded groups. One example is the Pay Equity Challenge Coalition which was formed n 2009 as a collaboration with unions, and other women’s organisations, with Angela as co-chair and spokesperson.

“Angela’s passion for BPW and her understanding of women’s issues and how to communicate our solutions for them will be vital in increasing our profile,” says Freda Miriklis, President BPW International.

“Angela’s work experience in both the private and public sector, topped with her voluntary work gives us a great resource”

“I’d also like to congratulate and acknowledge the important role that BPW New Zealand plays in advocating the common objectives of both BPW International and BPW New Zealand.

“I’m looking forward to the positive contributions Angela will bring to the role of PR Manager.


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