Media Release: Business and Professional Women Celebrates Women

Media Release:   Business and Professional Women Celebrates Women Leaders with their new website

24 September 2012

In the same week New Zealand celebrated the right of all women to vote, the New Zealand Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW NZ) celebrates women leaders by launching their new website.

BPW NZ membership is as diverse as its over 70 year history being a voice and advocate for women.  Members have lobbied for changes such as legislation that allowed women to be jury members, have equal pay with their male counterparts, and paid maternity leave.

“This is just a glimpse of the work undertaken since 1939 and is just as important today,” says Carolyn Savage, President BPW NZ

“Some of these women are ‘Aunt Daisy’ who became a family name through her radio broadcasts, Ria McBride and Pauline Gapper who worked tirelessly on the Equal Pay Act and Anne Knowles who is now working for the United Nations International Labour Office based in Europe” says Mrs Savage.

“The founding New Zealand President, Margery Toulson was BPW International Vice President just six months after BPW NZ was formed.

“Faye Gardiner, BPW International Health Chair (2009-11) was instrumental in ensuring that BPW International remained as a consultative organisation to the World Health Organisation (WHO) with her 2011 report.

“Angela McLeod has recently been appointed BPW International Public Relations Manager with a diverse portfolio working directly with the International President Freda Miriklis.

“There are many other leading women celebrated on our website as well as our achievements in empowering women at all levels, from the top and in our communities.

“BPW NZ is working to bring the voice of women to business and I have pleasure in announcing the launch of our new website,” says Mrs Savage.

For further information or to schedule an interview please contact:

President, Carolyn Savage, 021 117 9261 or email

or Angela McLeod  027 497 2761


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