Vote for Pay Equity!

YWCA Auckland is partnering with DDB Advertising Agency to produce a Pay Equity Television Commercial and print campaign to go live next Monday 26thNovember. As a supporter of the YWCA, we wanted you to hear from us first what we have planned and ask you to join us next week to make a real change.The campaign’s aim is to raise the public’s awareness of the pay equity issue…some facts to ponder….

  • For every $1 earned by men, women earn 88 cents
  • In their first year of work graduate women earn 6% less than male graduates with the same degree and after five years this gap is 17% – from NCWNZ website
  • If you’re female and an accountant you’re getting paid about 25% less than your male counterparts – more here.
  • the gender pay gap continues to widen in NZ – more here.

The law states:

Article 11 of the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) signed by New Zealand in 1980 and ratified in 1985, says:

“parties shall take all appropriate measures to eliminate discrimination against women in the field of employment in order to ensure, on a basis of equality of men and women, the same rights, in particular …the right to equal remuneration, including benefits, and to equal treatment in respect of work of equal value, as well as equality of treatment in the evaluation of the quality of work.”

We are seeking 20,000 signatures (10,000 each from men & women) on an on-line petition to present to parliament asking that this law be enforced.

We would appreciate your support and will be in touch on go-live day with a link you can send out to your networks.

Let’s make this change together!

Shelley Geenty

Marketing & Communications Manager

We welcome feedback, ideas and comments…..

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One Response to Vote for Pay Equity!

  1. I love YWCA’s new advertising – brilliant!

    NZ Council of Trade Unions says tells us that in the NZ Public Sector (where 59% of workers are women) the pay gaps are as follows: Defence 38.81%, Treasury 29%, Offices of Prime Minister and Cabinet 27.2%, Dept of Labour 14.9%… plus a third of all NZ government departments have gender pay differences above 20%.

    On average across New Zealand, working women are missing out on just under $180 per week. So pay equality is not a “women’s issue”. Pay equity is an everybody issue. There is not one household in New Zealand that couldn’t use an extra $180 a week!

    Men, women and children need to get behind YWCA’s action and make NZ the first country to achieve pay equity – so that everyone is better off!

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