Contribute to the Global Thematic Consultation on Education

IFUW President’s Initiative- 11 December 2012

President’s Initiative

Contribute to the Global Thematic Consultation on Education

UNESCO and UNICEF have launched the Global Consultation on Education and are inviting young people, civil society, non-governmental organizations, governments, academia, media, the UN system and the private sector to contribute their experiences and ideas on how to improve education around the world. It will help review progress on the Education for All (EFA) goals and the MDGs and discuss how to ensure that the issues around education are effectively addressed and have a central place in a new development framework after 2015.

The Education Consultation will run from now until March 2013, including throughonline, moderated e-discussions, in four specific areas:

  1. Equitable Access to Education;
  2. Quality of Learning;
  3. Global Citizenship, Skills and Jobs;
  4. Governance and Financing of Education.

The results of these e-discussions will be presented in a synthesis report to the Education Leadership Meeting in Dakar, Senegal in February 2013.

A final summary report will then feed into the High Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda (HLP), as well as to the inter-governmental debate on the post-2015 development agenda at the 2013 UN General Assembly.

NFAs and members should get involved NOW!

You are encouraged to contribute to the first discussion on Equitable Access to Education, which is running up to 24 December.  Click to here to join the UNESCO and UNICEF post-2015 Global Consultation on Education.

Given our concerns about secondary and higher education for girls and their access to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, this particular discussion is particularly important.

So, please, go on line and add your contributions as soon as possible, or you can use Twitter. By doing so, you will be helping to ensure that the post-2015 development agenda (the follow-up to the MDGs) will include secondary education for girls. The other thematic consultations are clearly showing how important it is to contribute to the e-discussions.

Other on-going e-discussions

There are now in total 10 e-discussions that are up and running on the World We Want 2015 website.

At the moment the Inequalities thematic consultation includes an e-discussion on Economic Inequalities, while one of the e-discussions on Population Dynamics is focused on ‘How can we ensure a human-rights based and gender-responsive approach to addressing population dynamics?’

Education in the Beyond 2014 Global Survey on the implementation of the International Conference on Population and Development

Some NFAs have reported that they have experienced difficulties in becoming involved in the process for completing their country’s Global Survey for the Beyond 2014 assessment of the implementation of the Programme of Action for the International Conference on Population and Development. At this time a number of NGOs are working with UNFPA to develop a specially designed questionnaire for NGOs. It will contain questions on education and gender as well as questions on sexual and reproductive health and other areas. You are encouraged to complete the sections on education to ensure that issues related to girls’ secondary and higher education are adequately addressed. As soon as the questionnaire is available it will be forwarded to you for completion. Please note that the deadlines, like those for the e-discussions for the post-2015 development agenda, will be tight!

Marianne Haslegrave
IFUW President

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