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Charities Commission Number: CC 40721


           International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia-Pacific

      (IWRAW AP) CEDAW Consultation and Training Workshop                                                    

         to be held Friday 12 April – Sunday 14 April 2013 hosted by  

                       Pacific Women’s Watch (New Zealand) Inc. 


       Title:  New Zealand Women in Leadership and Decision-Making

  Understanding the Human Rights and Gender Dimensions of CEDAW

         through the Committee’s Concluding Observations in July 2012




           Applications must be received by Friday 15 February 2013 (see page 4)

        Please send by email to   or by post to     

               PWW(NZ), PO Box 99-464, Newmarket, Auckland 1149      


INTRODUCTION TO IWRAW AP                                                                                                                                                      

The International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia – Pacific (IWRAW AP) based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is the organization mandated by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to provide training for NGOs attending sessions of the CEDAW Committee.    During the weekend before NGOs are due to participate in a session of the Committee for the examination of the Report submitted by their government on the implementation of CEDAW the IWRAW AP resource team provides a three-day intensive Workshop covering:

  • Understanding the Convention
  • Preparing and making an NGO Oral Statement
  • Introduction to the CEDAW Committee of experts  – strengths and interests
  • Protocols to be observed during the session
  • Education of NGOs in their home country following the session.

New Zealand women who have been able to   travel to New York to present NGO Reports during recent sessions of the CEDAW Committee and who have been privileged to attend the IWRAW AP Training all reported on how informative it had been.  In 2007 four representatives from Pacific Women’s Watch (New Zealand) (PWW(NZ)) were able to attend the IWRAW AP Training.   This year two representatives were able to attend.  In all cases the Training made the CEDAW session much more meaningful to them.  PWW(NZ) has been fortunate that at each of the last two CEDAW sessions several of its representatives could attend the IWRAW AP Workshop becoming well prepared to make the Convention better known and more knowledgeable for future NGO reporting.


 PWW(NZ) is concerned that only a small number of New Zealand NGOs have had the advantage of attending an IWRAW AP Training Workshop.    To encourage greater participation by NGOs in “shadow” and alternative reporting IWRAW AP now facilitates training in states around the world recognizing the need to make the Convention well known to Parliamentarians, Government Ministries, the Judiciary, lawyers and civil society.   Engaging with NGOs is an efficient way to make this happen.   Up to twenty-five will be able to participate at the Workshop, thereby providing a much larger body of NGOs knowledgeable about CEDAW and the reporting process.   Special attention will be given during the training on how to take action on the issues raised in the CEDAW Committee’s Concluding observations in July 2012 following the examination of the New Zealand Government’s Seventh Report.


As a leading New Zealand umbrella organization which has contributed a highly regarded NGO Alternative Report and Addendum for CEDAW reviews in 2007 and 2012 and is well aware of the value of IWRAW AP NGO training it seemed appropriate for PWW(NZ) to request that a Workshop be held in New Zealand.  Because PWW(NZ) has had special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2010 hosting a CEDAW Workshop will further uplift our responsibility to support the ECOSOC programme of work.  We have charitable status as an organisation registered with the Charities Commission.  Through nationwide Seminars, Workshops and an easy to understand questionnaire New Zealand Women Together – How Are We  Doing, PWW(NZ) researched and published the New Zealand NGO Country Report for the Beijing + 10 and Beijing +15 reviews in 2005 and 2010 respectively.  Together with data from the Beijing + 5 review in 2000 PWW(NZ) was able to develop a longitudinal measure for progress for New Zealand women and girls.

PWW(NZ) works closely with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs as a member of its International Caucus.  We have also developed a close relationship with the New Zaland Human Rights Commission.   PWW(NZ) is a member of the NZHRC  Diversity Action Programme.

The invitation to facilitate NGO CEDAW training in New Zealand was very warmly received by IWRAW AP.   We were gratified that they are able to offer a three-day NGO Consultation and Training Workshop in the first part of 2013 to take place Friday 12 April – Sunday 14 April.                                    


Venue:                 The training will be held at the St Columba Centre, 40 Vermont

                              Street, Ponsonby, Auckland.

Accommodation: Participants are asked to find their own accommodation.

Facilitators:           IWRAW AP will provide two (2) resource persons to facilitate the


Fee:                           Participants will be asked to pay a fee of $150 for the training.

Three places at a lower fee may be available for representatives of

organisations with very limited funds but who deserve  assistance to

have their voices heard through CEDAW reporting.


 The CEDAW Consultation and Training will provide:

  • A solid foundation of education on the human rights embedded in CEDAW
  • A framework for monitoring not only CEDAW but also other UN treaties e.g. the Universal Periodic Review, Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • A more holistic engagement with the CEDAW review process, which encompasses pre review and post review strategies
  • Strategies for collaboration with government and non-government agencies in promoting the implementation of CEDAW in a positive way
  • A very much enlarged constituency of NGOs knowledgeable about CEDAW

PWW(NZ) believes the IWRAW AP CEDAW Training has very considerable merit in delivering significant outcomes for a wider body of New Zealand NGOs who will then commit to working towards ensuring the highest global position for equality for New Zealand women.

The CEDAW Training will also be a fitting commemoration of the 120th Anniversary of women gaining the vote.


 Those nominated by NGOs and networks for the IWRAW Asia-Pacific CEDAW Training should fulfil the following criteria:

  • Membership of an NGO working on CEDAW and which represents a significant group of New Zealand women
  • Be applying for IWRAW AP training for the first time
  • Intending to be involved in preparing a shadow/alternative report for the eighth review in 2016
  • Willingness to disseminate information provided by the Workshop and to make the Convention well known locally and nationally.



Please provide

(1)   the name and full contact details of the applicant you are proposing for the training, a copy of her CV and describe how she meets the criteria for selection

(2)   a short statement on what the applicant hopes to gain from the training

(3)   background information on the programme of your organisation/network including  its aims and objectives

(4)   an overview of work on CEDAW that your organisation has already carried out.

The deadline for applications is Friday 15 February 2013.  Please send your application to Jane Prichard, President, Pacific Women’s Watch (New Zealand) Inc., PO Box 99-464, Newmarket, Auckland 1149 or email it to

You may propose more than one member to participate in the training, but if the level of interest is high then it is likely that only one can be accepted.  If only one can be accepted then please designate your preferred candidate.

For queries please phone Jane on 09 528 3727.

The selection of participants will be made and communicated to you by the end of February.

 Successful candidates will then be asked to confirm their attendance by Tuesday 5 March.

Registration and payment of the fee will be required by Friday 15 March 2013.  

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