The world’s most exclusive gathering is 83% male. What if this were reversed?

Meet the Davos Women

by Avaaz Team – posted 25 January 2013 11:28

 Right now, the world’s movers and shakers are gathered in the beautiful ski resort of Davos, Switzerland, for the annual World Economic Forum.

A few of the money men Davos is famous for should probably be facing juries of their peers, not bartenders at the Hotel Belvedere, but we’ll deal with that injustice elsewhere. Just one of the most outrageous features of the world’s most exclusive gathering is that only 17% of attendees are women. Imagine for a moment those numbers in reverse:

(Itinerant Museum of Art)The Itinerant Museum of Art has produced this striking image showing what it would look like in today’s top corporate world if the gender balance was flipped: four men, 18 women. Why? Because Davos recently introduced a quota, requiring the biggest corporations attending to send at least one woman for every four men (hardly an ambitious target). But according to Jane Martinson at the Guardian, it’s not working, because “many of the companies subject to the quota simply send exactly four men, thus avoiding the need for a woman delegate.”

This is by no means an endorsement of every woman above, but it’s shocking that we’re still here in 2013 – and it matters. To paraphrase Helen Clark, former Labour prime minister of New Zealand: without fair representation, how can we ever fix the whole world’s problems and not just those of the handful of white men at the top?

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