Don’t Let Children and Families Be Disadvantaged

Please kindly send the signed petition sheets  PETITION_AGAINST_THE_ANNOUNCED_CHANGES_TO_THE_FAMILY_COURT_SYSTEM  and   Stop Harmful Changes to the Family Court

to our office so that we receive them by Friday 8 February 2013. Our mailing address is Robyn Mathews, P O Box 664, Whangarei 0140. We need these in order to submit to Parliament the following week.

For those of you who have not signed the petition or do not know about our campaign, we have attached pdf files of the petition and advertisement that we placed in the New Zealand Herald.

We encourage everyone to make written submissions to Parliament. The deadline for submissions is 13 February 2013. For more information about how to make a submission, please visit

We thank all of your who have supported our campaign.


Christopher Perry

Robyn Mathews Lawyer Office

Tel: (09) 437 3070

Fax: (09) 437 2070

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