Framework for Action on CEDAW Report Recommendations

  1. Identify the current situation, using as guidance the reports to the 52nd Pre-session Working Group or the session of CEDAW available at
    1. New Zealand’s 7th periodic report
    2. Auckland Coalition for the Safety of Women and Children (for PSWG)
    3. International Disability Alliance submission (for the session)
    4. New Zealand Human Rights Commission (for the session)
    5. Pacific Women’s Watch (for PSWG) Appendix I & II
    6. Pacific Women’s Watch (for the session)
    7. International Disability Alliance submission (for PSWG)
    8. NCWNZ facilitated report Women experiencing discrimination (available from NCWNZ)
  2. What is the CEDAW Monitoring Committee’s criticism of the current situation?
  3. What needs to be done:
    1. Find out from Convener Public Issues  (Beryl Anderson) which arm of government is responsible for responding the recommendation
    2. Contact the responsible official and let them know who you are and the process you will be following until the report is due
  4. Identify the information needed, eg statistics, and where it will be found, as well as reports that will provide information.
    1. Any media reports must be substantiated
    2. All reports need a proper citation (author, title, publisher, date).
  5. Monitor reports of the appropriate government agency, eg annual reports, Statements of Corporate Intent, media reporting, the Budget.
  6. Provide a regular report on progress to the Public Issues Standing Committee, including any impediments.
  7. Produce a draft for the next shadow reports (dates only tentative):
    1. Due Feb 2014 for the themes in paras 36 and 38, and the five groups
    2. Due Feb 2016 for the rest

Minutes Action plan mtg 20 March 2013

Confirmed lead groups 8 04 13

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